How willing are you to help pay for a new Vikings stadium?

Last week the Minnesota Vikings renewed their drive for a new stadium to be built largely at public expense. How willing are you to help pay for a new Vikings stadium?

Given the state’s budget crisis and budget cuts to such vital needs as education and health care I feel it is appalling to fund a new stadium with taxpayer dollars. I am outraged. -Lisa Kleingarn, Minneapolis, MN

I love the Vikings but unless Ziggy is going to put up around half for his team’s new stadium neither will I. -Alan, Bloomington, MN

I’m not willing to pay for any portion of any new stadium. Enough is enough…middle class America subsidizing Millionaire Players and their Billionaire Employers, when will it end? -Jim, Saint Paul, MN

Zero for Zygi. -Mark Buckholz, Minneapolis, MN

I would rather pay for new schools instead of stadiums. Our tax money is not endless; some sensible prioritization please. -Kate Herberg, Mankato, MN

Stadium funding is inappropriate use of tax dollars; especially when education funding and other expenses that benefit everyone are lacking. -Suzanne, Minneapolis, MN

Absolutely not! Let’s be the state that proudly ends the era of supporting billionaire beggars! -Laura, Eden Prairie, MN

Yes, if we get a percentage of the revenue once it’s built. -Marty, St. Paul, MN

Public money should go into a new stadium ONLY if we get an equity stake in the franchise, with our portion of profits to go back into public coffers. -Peter, St. Paul, MN

Any stadium funding mechanisms should be voluntary. User fees, a racino, etc., can provide a reasonable compromise solution to this question. -Wade, St. Joe, MN

Why would i pay for something I’ll never use? I’m already paying for the Target Field, I’m not a baseball or football fan anyway. Let the owner pay for it or let the Vikings go. -Mark

I’d be glad to pay for the public health option – Vikings never. -Linda, Minneapolis, MN

It does not matter what more than 50 percent of Minnesotans think when the commission, like with the Twins, is SOLD OUT. -E.R.Sotomayor

The Vikings play eight games a year…my kid’s school runs 215 days annually, and the experience lasts more than four quarters and an overnight hotel stay. No question where I’d invest 950 million. -anonymous text message