How has the spread of H1N1 affected your workplace?

Citing the “rapid increase in illness,” President Obama has declared a national emergency to help officials deal with H1N1 flu. How has the spread of H1N1 affected your workplace?

  • Dot

    People have been sick here at work, and I have been cleaning the keyboards and telephones with alcohol wipes!! I am leaving on a trip tomorrow, and have been paranoid that I will get it before I leave, or while I’m flying, so I plan on packing a mask and hand sanitizer.

  • Amy

    People have certainly become more paranoid. My agency put up hand sanitizer all over the building and cheesy signs reminding people to wash their hands and cover their coughs… needless to say I will be glad when H1N1 finally tapers off.

  • Eric Smith

    Yesterday was the first day that we were affected. Out of 7 employees, there were 2 healthy people including myself. This being taken very seriously, religious hand washing and changing the way that we have meetings. For example, using computers, projectors, and email as opposed to looking at notes closely with one another, and taking care not to breath into the face of anyone else.

  • Steven

    Lots of amusing moments of minor embarrassment when someone offers a hand to shake and is reminded that we’re not supposed to do that for now.

  • Mike

    We now have plenty of hand sanitizer, we no longer shake hands with people coming in the front door, we are implementing a policy to donate sick time to someone if they do get sick and we are requiring people to take 3 days if they have flu like symptoms. The 3 days are paid and does not count against your sick or vacation time.

  • James

    I just got over it,,, still some goo in lungs.

    I work with some real tards… can’t believe they did not get it from the same drop in salesmen from Chicago???

    I wash with soap and take reasonable precautions.

    Obviously it did not kill me,,, now I can kick back and not worry.

    Other than being contagious (it hit our whole house) the sickness is not that bad. Deep cough, high fever, no appetite… take some Tylenol and go to bed for three days.