When is texting inappropriate?

You’ve probably never sent a text message from a church pew, or while driving, or during a lecture in class. But you’ve seen people do that and more. When is texting inappropriate?

Whenever your attention is respectfully required by others (i.e. While at church, when driving, etc.) -anonymous text message

Texting is inappropriate when driving mainly because it is illegal, but at any other time it is just a extension of your freedom of speech. -Pat, Maplewood, MN

Texting in church! The best use of an otherwise wasted hour. -Jim, Saint Paul, MN

Texting is efficient and important best to do when not talking to another or driving. -Jeff, St. Cloud, MN

Texting is just a tool, and is only inappropriate where inattention of any sort is rude or dangerous. Used appropriately, texting is a great resource! -anonymous text message

Texting, with other new social networking tools, are eroding in-person communication skills to efficient technophiles living through avatars. -anonymous text message