How will you remember the summer of ’09?

For some, the summer just past may be defined by its news stories: The Senate recount. The health care debate. The passing of Walter Cronkite and Edward Kennedy. For others, the summer may have marked the birth of a child or the loss of a job. How will you remember the summer of ’09?

  • Too fast! I turned 25 this past June and those lazy, endless days of Summer as a child or teen have given way to a busy blink of the eye.

  • Jane

    For the rest of my life, this will be remembered as the summer I lost my father. He passed away the day after Father’s Day, and three days after he and my mother marked 61 years of marriage. I will remember the sorrow, but also the outpouring of love, support and comfort. My mom, sisters, brother and I had the privilege of sharing his final moments as a family. I’ll always treasure that closeness.

  • Dan

    This is the summer that the King of Pop, Michael Jackson died.

  • Al

    It was the summer of treehouse building.

  • I will remember it as the summer I moved out of state and discovered how much I appreciate online streaming radio. Thanks MPR and 🙂

  • A cooler than usual summer, ironically full of hot air.

  • katie

    In Feb. I lost my job of 15 years….

    this was the first summer since I was 15 that I didn’t have to work and the first and only summer that I have had to be home with my daughters….it was the best summer of my life and I am thankful to have had it!

    We spent the summer at the library, the parks, the zoo, bike riding…but mostly we were together. I am sad that this time has ended and will never be again.

  • Gary Brisco

    I’ll be remembering this as the summer that the recession allowed me to become a first time homeowner.

  • Margaret Mattlin

    Butterflies is the way I’ll remember the summer of ’09. I had the good fortune of serving as a volunteer interpreter at Butterfly Bonanza at Como Park. Once a week all summer, I spent time with children and their parents who were as awed as I by these magnificent butterflies. A truly memorable summer.

  • Jeremy

    attempting to keep up with a 2 year old running non-stop. while preparing for a newborn, and complete relief that fall brings the next stage in my life, Raising my last newborn, and hoping to sleep.

  • stu klipper

    Two consummately memorable events transpired this summer:

    I- I became officially Bi-Polar: after four visits to the South Pole, I made my first visit to the North Pole. I subsequently learned that I am now amongst an elect cadre of approximately 400 people that have made it to both Poles.

    2- I just witness my girlfriend become a first-time homeowner and in the process make one of the most deliriously wonderful real estate ‘scores’ in my (and most of our friends’) experience.

  • Randee

    This is the first summer that both of my children are out of the house. They are living in New York for a year and I’m really missing them, but also enjoying the freedom and the most beautiful summer weather that I can remember.

  • Lee Ann

    What summer?…I never stopped wearing my fleece. Nicest weekend of the summer was this past weekend.

  • dick holt

    Unfortunately, it was a summer where the ultra conservative wing of the GOP launched it’s savage attack on Obama regardless of the issue. Whether it’s health care, stimulus plans, or speaking to kids about education, lies and distortions abound. It’s pure politics but the issues give the “right” a way to hide racism and attack proposals. Sad for America.

  • Jessica

    This summer will be remembered as the summer of a most excellent road trip. 3 weeks, 7100 miles, 14 states, 8 ballparks, 16 National Parks and Monuments, and some of the most beautiful and breathtaking scenery this country has to offer.

  • Maury

    I will remember this summer as the summer my first grandchild, Harold Emmett Landsman was born.

  • Katie

    As a recent graduate into the real world, today is the first day-after-Labor Day I’ve spent outside a classroom since the late 80s. I’ll remember the summer of ’09 as my first summer that wasn’t automatically a vacation, and one that felt completely different from each of my previous ones.

  • Charles

    We have large vegetable garden every year, and this year we realized that we don’t really care for zucchini and we wont bother growing any next year.

  • Will

    I’ll remember the summer of ’09 for the ridiculous additions MPR made to its news service, including asking asinine questions of it audience and adding a ‘q’ to its web address, all in a misguided effort to seem hip and get into the social network game.

  • Darin

    My first full summer of post-college life where I wasn’t traveling 100% of the time for work. With this extra time at home I was able accomplish two dreams; I built a 4-wheel/2-person bicycle from scratch, and purchased my first house.

  • kennedy

    This was the summer that I didn’t need to get the window air conditioner out of basement storage.

  • Anne

    Sadly, I’ll remember this as the summer that many of my friends and family lost jobs, health coverage and homes, while we watched politicians debate whether and what needed to be done to stabilize the economy.

  • Molly

    This is the summer I moved away from Minnesota for graduate school in Seattle. And I was very very sad to say goodbye.

  • Carl

    I will remember this summer as a Tale of Two Summers… I lost my job, haven’t been able to find another one, am afraid I will lose my house, and have had to deal with all the feelings of worthlessness, self-doubt and self-loathing that go along with this. At the same time, I have been able to spend more time with my family than any time since high school. I will always cherish the fishing trips with my dad, spending time with my niece and nephew, and being able to help my friends with anything they needed. I will love and hate the summer of 2009 with every fiber of my being.

  • howard

    The summer of 2009 seemed to be eclipsed by death… death of a way of life in America,Death of the King of pop and what was up with the weather in Minnesota?

  • Gerald L. Myking

    The weather this year contradicts the theroy of global warming. The lack of insects has been amazing. I do not think I have been bitten by a mosquitoe all year.