Would you donate your body for use after death?

Starting this weekend, paying customers will once again be looking at preserved, posed corpses in a Twin Cities exhibit. Meanwhile, an Illinois woman has received the heart of a Minnesota soldier who died from wounds suffered in battle in Afghanistan. Whether for science, commercial use or to save the life of another person, agreeing to give up your earthly remains is likely to involve some soul-searching. Would you donate your body for use after death?

I don’t think i would let my body be donated. I wouldn’t really care what happens to my body, let my family decide. -Nathan, IN

Of course i would donate my body. It would be selfish and inhumane not to. -Alix Sophia, Minneapolis, MN

I’ve already arranged to have myself sent to the body farm in TN when my time comes. -Cat, Minneapolis, MN

Yes – I am pro-recycling so yes. -Casey Nordendale, St. Paul, MN