What ties you to where you live?

Money Magazine recently rated Chanhassen, Chaska, Lino Lakes and Owatonna as among the best 100 small towns (population 8,500 to 50,000) to live in the country. Rankings were based on strong local economies, good schools, affordable homes and low crime. But how do you measure the soul of a community? What ties you to the place where you live?

My wife and I live with my inlaws because of a foreclosure and we have nowhere else to go! -Kyle, Plymouth, MN

Why St Paul? Coherent work, circle of friends, 2 cities at my beck & call, a creaky yellow farmhouse: a movable feast. -Bruce Parker

I moved here from Uptown to go to UWRF, never thought I’d fall so in love w/ a small town. I love the sense of community, always running into people i know, and i appreciate the support the town gives to the music and arts community. I will certainly miss RF when i graduate! -Kyrsten, River Falls, WI

Nothing. I’m moving out of Detroit Lakes, MN next year to get to a bigger city! Although It’s beautiful here. -Sara Refsland, Detroit Lakes, MN

Great schools in St. Paul. Quality of life. Good place to raise kids. -Therese

No money ties me to where i live. -Anthony Sundgaard

What ties me to Minnesota is the beautiful trees and people. -Sara, Melrose, MN

My children’s schools. -Lynne, Prior Lake, MN

Upside down on my mortgage…. -Billy, Hugo, MN

Location, location, location. -Paul Picard, Lauderdale, MN

Great Neighborhoods. -Bill, St. Paul, MN

Ties to place I live? A: debt! Don’t misunderstand, I LOVE MN, its people and environmental diversity…don’t want to leave, but debt stops me considering alternatives. -Travis, Minneapolis, MN

What ties me? My mortgage? I kid. 3 generations of my wife’s family ties me to small town Montgomery. -anonymous text message

Food is what ties me to home. 🙂 -anonymous text message

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