What is the ideal spectator event for Minnesota to host and why?

This week, Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska is hosting the 91st PGA Championship — a major coup, even for the state with more golfers per capita than any other. In the past, Minnesota also has welcomed the NCAA Final Four, NHL All-Star Game, WE Fest Country Musical Festival and the Republican National Convention. What else is out there? What is the ideal spectator event for Minnesota to host – and why?

SCCA pro rally is the ideal spec. Sport (ojibwe forest). It gets the spectators involved, rather than sitting and watching. -Dustin, Montgomery, MN

The Olympic summer games of course! -Brian, St. Paul, MN

Nothing…stop overrunning us with crowds. -Terri

MN should host the world cup … please don’t say soccer…it’s football. -Ebba

  • Mike

    NHL’s Winter Classic – the outdoor NHL game played every year. Minnesota is the State of Hockey, and our tradition of hockey here is as strong as anyone else’s. The new Gophers football stadium is the ideal place to host such a game.

  • Dan

    Fishing. Minnesota is home to 10,000 lakes so why not fishing as a spectator sport?

  • Jim Syverson


    Seems obvious… ice, teamwork, strategy… chess on ice for hearty Minnesotans.

  • We already have the Saint Paul Saints. Why would we need more spectacle than that?

  • Amy

    Anything hockey related because hockey is awesome and we are officially know as the State of Hockey!!

  • The Brawl of America of course! It’s the North Central Regional Tournament for flat track roller derby and it’ll be hosted by the Minnesota RollerGirls at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium in downtown St. Paul September 18-20. The Roy is the perfect venue for fans of roller derby and Minnesota has had a really strong national derby presence for 5 years now.

  • David

    The Tour de France because it would make no sense.

  • Steve

    Why is there any debate? Obviously, it should be the World Chess Championship.

  • Dave

    Hog calling!

  • Waldo

    World team rhythmic underwater snowshoeing

  • Jose Hernandez

    Ultimate (Ultimate Frisbee). Minnesota is dominating Ultimate: currently holding 4 of the 11 UPA (Ultimate Players Association) championships.

    We have strong High School, College, and Club divisions. And we host the Youth Club Championships and the H.S. Championships every year.

    It’s a great sport to watch at the high level and it is very easy to learn.

  • Kris

    We could use an event like the Baja 1000 or Dakar Rally. You couls go north to south or east to west across the state with 4WD trucks and ATVs and motorcycles. But where to drive? Well, what about golf courses? Over long fairways with rollong terain the racers would get lots of air. Through the sand traps would be a test of skill. And the water hazards? Well, lots of mud would make for good TV. It would save on the environment, too, because you would not need all the lawn chemicals to maintain it as a golf course anymore.

  • stu klipper

    How ’bout we push for an America’s Cup Race on Lake Superior?

    We’d show all those Blue Water hot-shots that they could do ocean-style racing right in the middle of the North American continent.

  • Kate

    Summer Olympics. All over the world, when you say you are from Minnesota, to a person the response is “Oh, its so cold there!” It would be a great opportunity to show off the huge variety of warm-weather options available here!

  • Vince

    Winter Olympics event

  • Jean

    People watching. Always entertaining; can be done virtually anywhere!

  • Anna

    Obviously, it’s the U.S. Pond Hockey Championships, also known as the height of parka fashion…

  • Joe R

    Mike’s definitely right with the NHL’s Winter Classic. I thought I heard that the league was already talking to the Twins about having it in the new Target Field (not sure about that though).

  • Cindy

    Well we already have the Woodtick races in Cuyuna, but we should open them up to international competition!

  • Paul

    Just the opening ceremony for the Summer Games. Let other cities of North America host the various events.

  • Sean K

    It’s obvious that the world bike polo championships is obviously the best spectator event for Minnesota to host. Obviously.