What do you see in the Derryl Jenkins traffic-stop video?

A Minneapolis musician named Derryl M. Jenkins has accused Minneapolis police of unjustly attacking him during a traffic stop last February. Police say that Jenkins resisted arrest and that they used the force necessary to subdue him. Jenkins and his lawyer have released squad-car video footage of the incident. What do you see in the video?

What i saw was a half dozen police officers kicking and punching a single solitary black man who was already on the ground. I saw brutal unforgivable force. -Dave, Minneapolis, MN

It doesn’t matter what we think of the video. The police will be declared to be not guilty and the brutality will continue. It always will. -anonymous text message

Nothing new here, MPD have shown many times over they’re mostly corrupt, incompetent thugs unworthy of the authority they’re given. -Tom

It does matter what you see….follow the rules and force wouldn’t be needed. Respect the law or change it through appropriate channels. -Matt

Suspects need to lawfully comply, police officers need to protect themselves, the amount of force was entirely appropriate to subdue the suspect. -J. O’Neill, St. Paul, MN

It is shocking what Chief Dolan said – that Internal Affairs reviews force complaints based only on the officers’ reports. Do you think those reports document unreasonable force or reasonable force?? IA failure is a key source of continuing PD problems. -John, Minnetonka, MN

Right or wrong police hold all the cards in that situation. At least it has come to our attention, other parts of the world they wouldn’t even talk about it or dare to challenge law enforcement. -Chris Carlson, Fargo, ND

It is the officers job to be calm, rational and not escalate the situation. The actions of all these officers escalated the situation. -Mike M., Apple Valley, MN