Is owning a home part of your American Dream?

A recent study shows the rate of homeownership in America has declined by more than 2 percent since 2004, and is projected to drop even more over the coming years. Has homeownership lost its luster in the wake of the mortgage crisis and recession? Is owning a home part of your American Dream?

Yes, owning a home is part of my “American Dream.” But I’m realistic & could never afford all the extra bills & responsibilities. -@ELBfoto

Although my wife and I are going through a foreclosure right now, I got to be a homeowner as a 25 year old! In what other country would that even be possible? We plan on doing it again someday when we have more money. -Kyle Sumrow, Plymouth, MN

An immigrant owning a home in America is a part of mine and my parents American dream. -Igor Flider, Maple Grove, MN

As odd as it may seem, owning a home is not a part of my American Dream. Am I in the minority there? -@AHKaufman

If the American Dream is to watch Star Wars at whatever volume I see fit, then count me in! -Jeremy, Fargo, ND

My American dream is to have the freedom and flexibility to work and live in different places. I was able to take advantage of a job opportunity in the Brainerd area and then another opportunity to rent a lake home that I could never afford to own. Home ownership can be a beast of burden keeping people from pursuing other dreams and is not for everyone. -anonymous text message

Yes, home ownership falls into my idea of the American dream. Preferably in the city, not the suburbs. -@leesejared

It’s not my American Dream, but I hope to buy one this year for the free $8000 anyway. -anonymous text message

If the American Dream is owning a home the Minnesota dream is owning a cabin on a lake! We bought a a cabin in the fall 2009 because of the very low prices. -anonymous text message

No! Perhaps property. But that’s as far as I’d go. -@jenniferphd

The American dream is about freedom, not home ownership. Owning a home is not appropriate for everyone. -anonymous text message

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