Does alcohol have a proper role at campus sports events?

Students who have been found intoxicated and ejected from a Gopher football game will have to take a Breathalyzer test before they can attend another game, under a policy being developed for the University of Minnesota’s new football stadium. The plan would tolerate no alcohol in the system of a student too young to drink and only some in students of legal drinking age. Officials are trying to limit rowdy behavior, which they say is closely related to alcohol use. Does alcohol have a proper role at campus sports events?

Most of us enjoy high school games w/o beer. The game, your friends, a cool evening are what make it fun. -Leigh Webber, Blaine, MN

I don’t think those who are responsible drinkers should be penalized because some people are idiots. I would have thought all the U brainpower would be creative. -Lisa Threadgill, St. Louis Park, MN

Alcohol at college sporting events is inevitable. College kids find a way to drink by either binging before the game or sneaking in alcohol. . Allowing alcohol to be sold at the event may prevent binge drinking before the event by students who know they will not be able to drink once there. -anonymous text message