What’s your summer adventure?

Adventure can mean different things to different people. Whether it’s traveling to a foreign country, starting a new career, or finding creative ways to have fun in a tough economy, we want to know what the highlight of your summer is going to be this year. What’s your summer adventure?

I’m climbing mt Kilimanjaro and a service project to construct a building for an aids orphanage in Tanzania. Not my normal summer. -Matt, St. Paul, MN

Our summer adventure includes driving 13 hours from North Minnesota to St. Louis and keeping two toddlers interested without constant help from DVDs. We plan on many MN and IA school parks. -Aimee Foszpanczyk, Hoyt Lakes, MN

Hiking Isle Royal’s Minog Trail. -Brent, Menomonie, WI

In August I will be attending a graduate reunion to celebrate the 80th anniversary of The Seing Eye, this country’s first guide dog school. I have worked with 5 Seeing Eye Dogs. -Lolly, Minneapolis, MN

I’m taking my family to Arkansas to dig for diamonds. -Joey E

Going horseback riding in Medora, ND. -Kris, Goodhue, MN

We are going to ride our new recumbent bikes around our beautiful state! -Gae Jarvis

Our summer adventure is to time travel in another country. We will turn our clock back 20 years when we vacation in Upper Michigan mid-August. -Steve, Farmington, MN

I’m going to volunteer at Ojibwe Forest Rally in Bemidji at the end of August when rally competitors from all over the world come to race on our forest roads. -Amy, Motley, MN

Goin’ to Jamaica mon and have me some rum punch. Everyting all irie. -Chad, New York, NY (Former St. Louis Park resident)

My summer adventure will be dealing with a blown out disc in my back and no insurance. If you want to feel true loneliness visit the ER and tell them you have no insurance. -Moses

My partner and I will become parents of twin baby girls. Real adventure that goes on and on. -Lisa, St. Paul, MN

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  • Sean

    I’m going into the great unknown – marriage!

  • Son Daniel had Down Syndrome. He just graduated from Highland Park High. He loves all things baseball and Disney. We are going to NYC to see Disney plays, the two new NY baseball parks, and a couple more MLB games in Philly and Pittsburgh on the way home. His graduation gift checks will really help!

  • susan

    My husband & I are going up to northern Mn. for 2 weeks, at the end of July, fishing and going on lots of adventures! We like to travel the back fire roads and look for all kinds of things, including new birds,(for us) and animals, rocks, and any other things that look interesting to us. There is so much to look for and enjoy.

  • Heidi Schatz

    Previously, my summer adventure was running Grandma’s Marathon. Now that that is over, my next adventure is a road trip through the southern states!

  • Bridget

    My summer adventure is training for the Twin Cities Marathon with my 2 sisters.

  • Last week our family of 5 went on a paleontology dig in North Dakota with the Pioneer Trails Regional Museum. We were out there all day finding and digging out fossils. It was fantastic.

  • Mrs. o

    My adventure… see how many days I can be at the lake without my family revolting (they are at home working)…I have been here 12 days right now. Going home tomorrow, but coming back on Thursday for the weekend. Life is good.

  • Allison

    My summer adventure is being a bridesmaid in two weddings while planning my own!

  • Matt and Jill

    We will attempt to hike the 220 mile John Muir Trail next month–Yosemite National Park to Mount Whitney in 20 days.

  • Norma Louis

    After being diagnosed with breast cancer last year, having two surgeries and six weeks of radiation, and in April of this year getting the green light from my doctors, my summer adventure is training and fundraising for, and then walking in the Twin Cities Breast Cancer 3-Day in August. 20 miles a day for 3 days – and I’m 62!

  • kennedy

    First canoe camping experience will be in the Boundary Waters. Never before have I had to hang my food in trees to keep it safe from bears.

  • Christine Althaus

    My husband and I are taking on the mantra from Tim McGraw’s song “Live like you’re dying”. We’re going to find a new career for him, as he’s been laid off from a manufacturing job since Nov. Of ’08&get him through his recent diagnosis of possible colon cancer.

  • Being on TOP of the “hill” ie.- Mt Rainier – the highest peak in Washington state, for my 50 th birthday as part of the American Lung Association of the Northwest’s “Climb for Clean Air” fundraiser. Check out the website – you can still donate!! ( I have never climbed before -yeow!)

  • Karen Taulelle

    My adventure is using my tax refund to put on my first storytelling show. It’s about small towns – the kind you go through or pass by on your way “up north” or “to the lake”. It’s called “If You Blink…” and features me, Ben San Del and Ari Hoptman at the also-small dreamland arts theater on July 9 and 10. Small show; big laughs!

  • Beth

    My adventure is participating in a sustainable tourism venture called Ger to Ger in Mongolia. Gobi desert here we come.

  • Mine is traveling back home to Minneapolis/Wisconsin from Los Angeles for 4th of July, only to not get back on the plane home to LA yesterday. We’ll see how this goes through July.