What’s your message for Al Franken?

Minnesota’s new senator arrives in Washington to join debates already in progress on a number of issues: health-care reform, climate change and a Supreme Court nomination, to name a few. Given changes in the agenda since he stood for election: What’s your message for Al Franken?

To Senator Franken: What part will your good humor play in your new role as MN Senator? Best Wishes! -Phil Limerick, Maple Lake, MN

Senator Franken, do you agree that only criminals will own “the most dangerous of” guns, if restriction of the 2nd amendment continues? -Cory, Gilbert, MN

Don’t forget who you work for and to whom you are accountable. -John, Thief River Falls, MN

I want to know what Senator-Elect Franken would like to accomplish in the U.S. Senate during his six (more like five) year tenure. -Noah Anderson, Chanhassen, MN

He should fulfill his promise because he said he will be good advocate for education. -Mahamed Cali