What’s your message for Al Franken?

Minnesota’s new senator arrives in Washington to join debates already in progress on a number of issues: health-care reform, climate change and a Supreme Court nomination, to name a few. Given changes in the agenda since he stood for election: What’s your message for Al Franken?

To Senator Franken: What part will your good humor play in your new role as MN Senator? Best Wishes! -Phil Limerick, Maple Lake, MN

Senator Franken, do you agree that only criminals will own “the most dangerous of” guns, if restriction of the 2nd amendment continues? -Cory, Gilbert, MN

Don’t forget who you work for and to whom you are accountable. -John, Thief River Falls, MN

I want to know what Senator-Elect Franken would like to accomplish in the U.S. Senate during his six (more like five) year tenure. -Noah Anderson, Chanhassen, MN

He should fulfill his promise because he said he will be good advocate for education. -Mahamed Cali

  • Carolynn

    For Sen. Franken:

    Introduce a bill which allows unemployed workers to tap 401k money without penality to help get through this ecomonic crisis.

  • Al

    Conduct yourself in the Senate with more honesty and integrity than you did in your campaign.

  • You’re good enough, you’re smart enough…and, gosh darn it, now its time to make people like you by doing a good job as our junior Senator. I wish you the best of luck in that. It won’t be an easy road.

  • Marv

    You have already indicated the health care will be on of your first concerns. Do not forget that the majority of Minnesotans favor single payer health coverage. You have not spoken in favor of single payer in the past but are apparently considering a public option at present. This is going to be a very contentious issue and I’m afraid that if the Democratic Party does not produce a plan that includes at least a public option, it risks becoming as irrelevant to the lives of working Americans as the Republican Party has in recent years.

  • Richard

    Please address the issue that has corrupted our government. Campaign finance. As long as huge amounts of campaign money are being used to buy influence our government will remain broken. Bernie Sanders your friend speaks about it constantly. The money corrupts , it buys access and influence at the expense of the average American. Congress will never be free to address the real concerns of the American citizens as long as this form of legal bribery continues.

    I contributed a number of times to your campaign and remember the non-stop phone calls asking for more money. It’s apparent that your campaign staff will figure out that “selling access ” to some of your time will be a much easier way to raise needed campaign funds. This is when the special interests will own you. As they own so many members of congress. Please stop this cycle with public campaign funds. Its the only way to break this cycle of corruption.

  • James Hamilton

    Many of those who voted for you, like me, did so in lieu of voting for Dean Barkley, because we wanted Sen. Coleman out of office. Bear that in mind as you leave for Washington. I’d also appreciate it if you could avoid being as great an embarrassment as was Mr. Dayton in his term in office.

  • Dustin

    Surprise us by studying hard and working harder to do right by Minnesota. Oh and pass sensible legislation that provides healthcare for everyone and a climate change bill that will move the US energy economy into the 21st century.

  • Mike

    Get Health Care done and include a public option. Also, work on getting energy bill with a cap and trade option through the Senate.

  • gordy

    Keep your head down and your pants up and you will do well for Minnesota.

  • Mark

    Congratulations Al! Met you at the Eagan Caucus. Great Job!

    Remember, the problem with health care is cost. The big waste in the system is the insurance company. They add no value, and they cost a lot! They also pay big bonuses to executives, presumably for making huge profits off of our premiums.

    Just like Norm, big insurance companies have got to go!

  • Kevin

    You’ll do fine, just don’t be yourself!

  • Senator (and it’s really great to call you that), I applaud your victory. My advice at this moment is to remember that conservatives are not the enemy, they’re our neighbors. They want the same security, success and progress that we all do, they just have a different paradigm defining these things. As fun as it is to attack, it’s much more important at this moment in history to bridge the gap and focus on what we have in common. Best of luck, and we’re all behind you.

  • Bobby

    All eyes will be on you, scrutinizing your every move. I’m sure you would have it no other way.

    And remember, as many people didn’t vote for you as did vote for you.

  • Chris Harrington

    Mr. Franken: Please remember that you ran on a campaign contrasting yourself with the corruption of your predecessor. Please keep that in mind when you are beset with the inevitable temptation to sacrifice your values.

    If you do nothing else, it will be better to have an honest politician who accomplishes little than to have a corrupt politician that accomplishes much. Every corrupt accomplishment is suspect.

    Thank you for your patience; I look forward to seeing what you’ll be doing especially with regard to health care.

  • John Woodworth

    I hope you can represent us with some grace. You can start by apologizing to religious people for the discouraging things you have said on the past.

  • Barbara Thompson

    Do two things when you have a tough question to decide, Senator Franken:

    1. Discuss it with Frannie.

    2. Ask yourself – what would Paul do?

    Never, ever, ever do the thing you know will be the best thing politically.

    Do what you know in your heart is the best thing for those who cannot speak for themselves in Washington. And, believe me, they are not called lobbyists.

    Read, listen, think, meditate, pray.

    Take care of yourself. Remember, there are millions who wish you well.

  • Andy Patnode

    Public option a must with a health care bill. Ok to tax health benifits to pay for it.

  • Rachel

    Dear Senator Franken,

    You’re going to do just fine. Just be yourself. One thing I feel is important, however, is the reminder that almost everything is fixable, or reversible, or merely “paper”, except the environment. Once the environment has been damaged, it’s usually damaged for good and cannot be fixed or reversed. I’d be very happy if you’d weigh any and all legislation against the measure of “how will this affect the environment?” (ie: Ethanol!!)

    We enjoyed your campaign, and now look forward to the main feature! Best of luck and wisdom.

  • Richard Novack

    Senator: See if you can go 6 years (okay, 5 1/2) without screwing it up too badly. If you can do that, you will have out-performed most of your peers.

  • Marilyn K Geller

    Congratulations Al! Now, go in there and make a difference for us Minnesotans and never become a stuffy, stale shirt.

  • Joe Schaedler

    Get funny again! Al, you’ve been far too serious throughout your Senate campaign, which I think hmapered you more than you realize.

    Your sense of humor is your best asset, and it will make Minnesotans love you and vote foor you more and more, if they coiuld only see it in action! Be youself.

  • Mary Manns

    Hi Al,

    It was very exciting for us to see you yesterday. As we were driving north on 35E, your car came alongside us to pass, and here was this guy with the window open, big smile on his face, waving and giving us the thumbs up. I said to my husband, “Hey, that’s Al Franken!” You saw our Franken sticker on the back window. Thanks for giving us a great thrill, all our friends are pretty impressed.

    Good luck to you!

    Mary and Paul

  • Doug

    Minnesota is a beautiful State full of, well how do you describe voters that can elect a baffoon like Al Franken to the US Senate. Ill informed, ignorant, mindless “citizens”, so to speak, I guess. The Joke is on you and the results unfortunately will be felt by all of us.

  • Scott Norsworthy

    What would Paul Wellstone say about the Senate Health Care Bill and how would he vote?