If you could travel through time, where would you go?

Time travel might seem like a fantasy, but some scientists think it could become a reality. One of them, the physicist Ronald Mallett, has developed a theory of how to build a time machine. He says his idea works by using “light in the form of circulating lasers to warp or loop time,” and he’s getting attention from news media and filmmaker Spike Lee. If you could travel through time, where would you go?

I would like to go to the future to see how we’re doing with things like: global warming, technology, a cure for some of our diseases (like diabetes and cancer) and world relations. -Mike Lang

I would go back and spend more time and get to know my grandparents better. -Kristine, Minneapolis

I would go back to the mid 70s, and do a better job with my post high school years. -Karen Anderson, Superior, WI

I would time travel into the early years of America and try to free slaves and break down color, race, gender, and sexuality barriers. -Jake, Northfield, MN

18 September 1970, just before MTC took over Twin City Lines, to collect bus schedules and bus-related documents and bring them back to the present day. -John Charles Wilson, Minneapolis, MN

I would go fishing with Hemingway and drinks some good Spanish wine. -Joel

I would return to Dallas Texas on November 22, 1963 and stop the Kennedy assassination. I believe that if he was to remain president the civil rights movement would have been less painful of a process for our country and a Kennedy presidency would have averted our involvement in the Vietnam war. Of course, as any science fiction fan knows, altering time always has unintended consequences so who knows what might actually happen. -Brian Roth, Eagan, MN

If I can make only one choice, then Jerusalem 31C.E., of course. Being a Christian, I would suppose most others would choose the same. If I could choose more, then Philadelphia June 1776. London 1615. Washington DC April 1865. Venice 1492. Singapore 1936. New York City 1945. I could easily go on. -Jared Hoke, Marine on St. Croix, MN

I don’t know. The questions that I have often wondered when considering this question are. Can you go back and forward or only backward? If you can only go backward in time because the future has not happened yet, when you get to the past can you come back because from that point the future has not happened yet? If we could time travel I suppose I would go back to frontier times to learn more about the environment around us that we take for granted. -Jeremy Gray, Minneapolis, MN

I would like to go to July 2,1776 – signing of the declaration. -James Redfield, Rush City, MN

Late 1700’s – Beethoven, Mozart, etc. -Sue, Brooklyn Park, MN

Love to see my dad and grandfather again. -@cbs3890

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