How are you measuring the success of President Obama?

Barack Obama came into office riding one of the highest waves of popularity enjoyed by any new president in modern times. Lately, his approval rating has slipped. How are you measuring the success of President Obama?

It is far too early to judge our President. Problems are large and time will be needed to solve them. I stand behind my support for him. -James B., St Paul, MN

I will measure Obama’s success based upon how his policies resemble his promises. It will take at least his first term to determine that though. It is shortsighted to attempt to rate his success or failure is such a limited timeframe as many seem to be doing. It took 8-10 years to get into this mess; why do people insist it get fixed in 8-10 months? -anonymous text message

I compare the 6 months of the Obama administration to the 8 yrs of the Bush administration and add 25 points to my approval rating. -John Robertson, Morton, MN

I measure President Obama by the debt he’s leaving my children. -Barry

I’m not! Impossible to judge effectiveness based on 7 months on the job! He’ running the entire United States! Give him time. -anonymous text message

I’m not. He’s just another self serving politician w/ a Christ-like cult of personality ego. -anonymous text message