There’s a debate in Minnesota over funding for aquatic invasive species programs. Here’s how Minnesota compares to Wisconsin, a state that claims 15,000 lakes.  This is based on data from Department of Natural Resource budgets in each state. There are other funding sources that contribute to aquatic invasive species programs. Since 2008, the Minnesota Legislative Read more

The Department of Natural Resources spent about $8.5 million on aquatic invasive species (AIS) programs in 2013. Here’s a breakdown: -Enforcement – $1,780,000 -Inspections  – $2,200,000 -Inspection equipment  – $270,000 -Public awareness and prevention grants  – $300,000 -AIS management – $1,092,000 -Statewide coordination and field operations – $2,200,000 -Asian Carp planning and monitoring – $93,000 Read more