Another solid episode that does what it needs to do in terms of plot and character, with a few dark philosophical asides about the sometimes random horror of human existence. The show is maintaining its steady and deliberate but inexorable pace, and that’s a good thing. Until my DVR packs up with eleven minutes of the episode left, that is. Minnesotans like to be punctual, so maybe Fargo should stop treating its time slot like a vague suggestion. Read more

Quick recap: Deputy Molly looks for Chief Vern’s killer, while Fargo mobsters arrive in town to look for Sam Hess’s killer. It doesn’t go well for either of them, because said killer has moved on to a new gig in Duluth. There, Officer Grimly has begun wrestling his severely overmatched conscience. Meanwhile, Lester is just trying to mind his own business and get away with an entirely different murder. Read more