Portland cancels bad weather bike ride due to bad weather

Minneapolis has won the latest battle in the war with Portland for best bike city.


Organizers of Portland’s annual Worst Day of the Year Ride, which was planned for this Sunday, have canceled its 45 mile ride due to bad weather. The impending doom? 2 – 6″ of snow and a low temp of 27 above zero.

“It’s a moment that Portland cyclists will be living down for years, if not decades,” wrote Willamette Week’s Martin Cizmar.

Thank you Portland for providing Minnesotans a heartwarming chuckle, we needed it. We are biking though the coldest Minnesota winter we’ve seen in 30 years.

  • Marty Keech

    Portland, I know Minneapolis, and you are no Minneapolis.

    • Pure, unadulterated Portland fail…

  • “2 – 6″ of snow and a low temp of 27 above zero.”

    Pure luxury.

  • CoyoteMthns

    Minnesotans are very proud of how they handle snow…Cause they got nothing else! oooo FROSTBURN.

    But srsly, this is just Smug Vs Smug.

    • “Cause they got nothing else!”

      Uh, we have cold here as well. Bone chilling, soul crushing, frostbite in seconds cold.

      Doubtful Portlandians even know what sub-zero temps feels like.

  • OnTheBrink
    • Ok, not THAT’S some epic fail.

      Don’t people in Portland know how to make studded snow/ice tires out of machine screws and some duct tape?


  • nancy13905

    You could rightly mock Portland over “2 – 6″ of snow and a low temp of 27 above zero” but what the reporter left out was the half inch of freezing rain on top of the snow and an emergency order from the city closing the streets. Give us a break. Tough as we know you are, even you hearty Minnesotans won’t take that on. Remember, it’s a family event.