Top 12 MPR News stories of 2013 via social media

BuzzFeed took some heat lately for prioritizing the “sharability” of content on social networks at the expense of the facts.

It made me wonder what MPR News content did best on social networks this year. Can hard news do well on social networks, or is it only the land of soft features and sensational stories? I pulled together this list to satisfy my own curiosity and thought that you, dear reader, might also be interested in one final best-of 2013 list.

So here it is, MPR News’ top stories of 2013 based on traffic from social media.

12: After cancer diagnosis, talk came more easily on Roller Coaster Road (Facebook)

11: Minnesota quality of life better than most (Facebook)

10: Maps: Same-sex marriage votes compared (Facebook)

9: Live blog: Winter storm blankets upper Midwest (Facebook)

8: Archdiocese knew of priest’s sexual misbehavior, yet kept him in ministry (Facebook)

7: Photos: Midnight same-sex marriage ceremonies at Mpls City Hall (Facebook)

6: Before and after photos: 2012 flood damage, recovery in Duluth, northeast Minnesota (Facebook)

5: Photos: Minnesota’s bitterly cold, brightly beautiful winter (Facebook)

4: Abusive priest hid in plain sight for years, retired quietly to New Prague (Facebook)

3: The truth behind the aircraft carriers photo (Facebook)

2: Thousands in back taxes ride on one question: Is Venus de Mars a professional or amateur artist? (Facebook)

1: Target’s state-of-the-art forensics lab catches more than just shoplifters (Reddit)