Tell us: What do you want to know about MNsure?

MNsure, the state’s new online health insurance marketplace goes live in three weeks. Tomorrow morning you’ll have two opportunities to ask questions of MNsure executive director April Todd-Malmlov. Listen to the Daily Circuit at 9 and join the online discussion at 10. You can submit your question for the online chat below in the comments below.

The online chat will take place here.

  • Jennifer Schultz

    I’m very excited about this. It is looking like a vast improvement in costs for this 52 year old female! I’ve looked through all the tedious documentation to get a sense of my choices. When will better organized information – say an online method of comparing plans and actual premiums – be available?

  • Jennifer Schultz

    After enrolling in a plan, how would I change plans in the future? A yearly open enrollment or something else?

  • Kevin Hawkins

    If one spouse makes $200,000 per year, and the other one makes nothing, can the second spouse get federal aid to help with premiums?

  • Christine

    How do the various coverage levels work? When you say the platinum level covers “roughly 90% of the costs”, are you saying that all services will incur “roughly” a 10% co-pay? Is there a deductible? What about out-of-pocket annual maximums? Are any annual preventative appointments covered at 100%, HMO style? I’m confused just how the coverage levels will operate as compared to standard employer provided policies with deductibles, co-pays and out-of-pocket maximums. Will there be any sort of help available for people that can afford the policy, but can’t afford the co-pays? A tax credit that only comes around once per year really doesn’t “help” (assuming I’d even be eligible in the first place).

  • liz

    Can someone search for and buy insurance through this site, even if health insurance is provided by their employer, but a better plan is found online?

  • Michael O’Laughlin

    Why isn’t the web address or Why make it hard to find?

  • corsair82

    I would like to know why none of the $4 million in outreach grants went to an African American or Somali community organization. Specifically, there were 30 grants given, and it puzzles me as to why the Urban League, an organization around since the 1920s, was denied their $250,000 grant request.

  • Sara

    How will income be determined? Will we have to submit tax forms or does MNsure communicate with MN Dept of Rev? If family income increases to above the 400%, when do the subsidies end? Are 2014 subsidies based on 2012 income, and so on? Finally, a caller yesterday said that he would have to pay in the high monthly premium and then get a tax rebate the following year and no one corrected him. However, on an earlier show I thought that the speaker said the the subsidies would be paid directly to the insurance company.

  • Sara

    Will young people who have declined employer provided, (high deductible) insurance prior to the unveiling of MNSure be able to be covered in their parents MNSure policy?

  • Sara

    We keep hearing that the uninsured will be able to find coverage through MNSure. Do that really mean those who do not have access to employer-provided insurance? Will Mnsure include people who are currently insured through (high cost, low benefit) private plans or do we need to become uninsured first?

  • David Berge

    It looks like the MnSure exchange will direct my kids to Medical Assistance and my wife and I to MinnesotaCare. I’ve talked to the folks at MinnesotaCare and they have no idea what the cost sharing is going to look like for this in January 2014. Who can answer my question?

  • leonidas11

    Why are groups like Health Access, who did not EXIST just 4 days before the application deadline for grant recipients, and Small Business MN, which is run by a two-time DFL candidate getting funds, but trusted community groups that serve the African American and Somali Community are being left out?

  • Barry

    How vulnerable is MNsure to political attacks on the ACA (i.e. the Republican threat to de-fund the ACA)? I’m currently on a conversion insurance policy, and if I drop this coverage, I am permanently barred from re-instating that coverage. So, while MNsure provides a great potential benefit to me (much lower cost), I’m concerned that if MNsure ends, I will actually end up with much higher cost private insurance. Thanks.

  • Dan

    I have 1 employee. Am I to report to someone the discussion about MN Sure to my employee, is there a form to fill out????