Proposed Dylan statue for Duluth goes back to drawing board

An effort to raise $159,000 to fund the completion of a giant bronze sculpture of Bob Dylan, to be placed in the songwriter’s hometown, has fallen well short of its goal.

Tom Page, an artist from Cohasset, launched a campaign on the website Kickstarter on June 2.  He sculpted a maquette, a miniature model of Dylan, strumming his guitar with his coat “blowing in the wind.”

dylan sculpture

The plan was to create a 12 and a half foot tall version of the sculpture, with song titles and lyrics engraved on the coat. Page said he reached an agreement with the city of Duluth that if he raised the money, the city would commit to accepting the sculpture and finding a place to display it.

But after two months on Kickstarter, the project only raised $15,425. Page said he’s not sure what he could have done differently. He offered rewards for different levels of contributions and enlisted the support of popular Duluth Mayor Don Ness, who recorded a video for the campaign.

The 64-year-old Page said he’s not sure what comes next after spending 18 months and personal funds on the project. He said he has a very loose “Plan B,” but isn’t yet prepared to speak about it.

Bob Dylan has sold 100 million albums, Page mused. “If everyone who bought an album gave 50 cents,” he said, “we’d have reached the goal in a few minutes.”

  • Starquest

    “If everyone who bought an album gave 50 cents,” he said, “we’d have reached the goal in a few minutes.”

    Right, but why would I do that? Why would I or anyone else care if there’s a Dylan statue in Duluth?

    • dharma beach bum

      I care. As a longtime Dylan fan, I love the idea of a Dylan statue in Duluth, and Bob is most definitely worthy of the tribute. I don’t think fans would flock to Duluth to see it, but the statue would draw some tourists to the city. Starquest, I’m not sure where you’re coming from with your comment. Maybe you should get your head out of….

  • Elston Gunn

    Dylan deserves a statue in Duluth but the proposed statue is amateurish & unattractive. Develop a new design please.

    • dharma beach bum

      I didn’t think much of the design either, Elston. Say, haven’t I seen you ’round these parts before?

  • Elston Gunn

    Yes dharma beach bum, I visited Hibbing & Duluth in June 2012, travellin’ all the way from Australia. For years I’d wanted to see where Dylan was born & raised, and it was well worth it despite the difficulties of getting to Hibbing with no bus or train service. Duluth & Hibbing are fascinating places. I was surprised at the amateurish Dylan display at the Hibbing Library & nothing much to commemorate him in Duluth either. Have a look at the professional, attractive statue of John Lennon in Liverpool. Something similar is needed for Dylan in Duluth.

  • Paul doane

    Great idea – bad sculpture. Bat Man he aint.