Minnesota is home of the best cheap beer

Photo by Erik Hess, fivesixzero via Flickr

In a list of the 36 best cheap beers in America, deadspin.com gave our very own Grain Belt Premium the number one spot.

Will Gordon writes:

I always think of Minnesota as a secretly sexy place, and not just because of Kent Hrbek and Al Franken. Maybe it’s all the trout and music and Lutherans. Toss in a smooth, creamy, and dreamy local budget brew like Grain Belt and it’s a wonder Minnesota hasn’t seceded to form its own naked blond utopia. Grain Belt Premium is America’s finest cheap beer.

Minnesota might have the best cheap beer in the country, but Minnesotans are borderline teetotalers when you compare consumption with our neighboring states. According to the Beer Institute, in 2012 Minnesota ranked 29 for per capita consumption, while Wisconsin made the fifth spot and North Dakota came in at number 1.

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