Students around the world share science challenge

WateRediscover Poster 380x250.jpg

Image courtesy NDSU

Middle and high school students from around the world are sharing their clean water science projects via video chat this week.

The WaterRediscover initiative is coordinated by North Dakota State University. Seven teams from Bangladesh, India, Saudi Arabia, West Fargo, N.D., and Hudson, Wis., gave 15-minute presentations May 15 on how they designed, fabricated and tested water treatment and wastewater recycling technology.

NDSU Assistant Professor Achintya Bezbaruah, whoi coordinates the international science project, said it helps connect students who are interested in science and math.

The students work with very little money, so they use materials that are readily available where they live. Some American students went dumpster diving to find plastic bottles and other materials for their project.

International students often believe Americans have unlimited resources, Bezbaruah said, and they are surprised to learn students in the United States face economic constraints.

Bezbaruah said the project also exposes students to cultural differences they might not experience firsthand until they are older.

The University also looks at the project as a recruiting tool. It’s important to develop the NDSU brand in countries like India and Bangladesh, Bezbaruah said, because the university wants to recruit the best American and international students to study science and math.

This is the second year the WaterRediscover project has been held.

Bezbaruah hopes to expand the program to more countries in the future.

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