Photos: The dark and long winter

Midwestern winter drags on

Midwesterners have a reputation for tolerating, even embracing winter. But this long winter is testing even the most hearty among them.

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So icy #blizzard #ice #Duluth Vokac
Big waves caused the Ice hanging onto this tree. #duluth Hatfield
university is pretty this morning! #snow Fraser
A nice, welcome #home gift from the wind and sky. #Snow #Minnesota #Duluth #NotHawaii #NotWhiteSand Olin
MT @akpix Duluth harbor full of ice, Lift Bridge obscured by falling snow this morning #galesofaprilDuluth News Tribune
Can’t beat that sight #dlh #duluthmn #ships #ice #lakesuperior Haugen
I think it’s safe to say, snow should not ‘fall’ laterally. Ever. Especially in April Wieliczkiewicz
Took me an hour to shovel to our trucks this morning. The snow blower picked a bad tiling to break… Little
Ok April, I’m over this snow. I’m not sure I can shovel over the 7 foot bank anymore #duluth #spring Leonard
Spring in Duluth, MN. Gah. It truly is one of a kind. #snow #spring #blizzard #Duluth #Iloveduluth Vinnik
Having trouble getting ice time? Just come to 45th St. S. in Osgood, Fargo’s newest rink! Trierweiler
North Dakota State Capital shrouded in snow, via forum news service. Ritchison
Roads around campus. My car vs snow. My car lost 🙁 @ Minnesota State University Moorhead Kirtz
I think we have more snow now than the middle of winter! Rehovsky
at least the snow is pretty 🙂 Messerli
April snow brings May floods. Magee
It may be April 15th, but there’s something beautiful about a fresh snow. Nistler
Some turkey scouting done my Aaron Wavra, of our staff. Will late winter snow affect your turkey hunts? Elbert

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