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Ongoing social media photo updates from the Republican National Convention.

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RNC 2012: Tim and Mary Pawlenty have to think about what came close – twice… #mapoli Johnson
RT @gaylesierens: The Ryan family practicing for their bag night at the RNC NEWS
Geraldo Rivera interacts with the masses on radio row. very personable. #GOP2012 #rNc #tampa
Hizonor Rudy Gulliani talks to WNYC-am on radio row Wednesday. #rNc #gop2012. #tampa
"Hands off my Vagina!" I am sorry but u have to find #humor in all this #political madness. #RNC #Tampabay #GOP #CNN Quinn
Chelsea Clinton chatting at the #rNc media center google lounge Wednesday. #GOP2012 No drones at the RNC? #OWS — Occupy Tampa (@OccupyTampa) @FederalJackInfo Dropper
We weren’t kidding when we said security was tight at #RNC 2012! @WEBNBoston O’Donnell
Interviewed former secretary of state Rice at RNC in Tampa today. @KosichJohn talked Browns with her 1 on 1 airs at 6 Livingston
Religion & Democracy were intended for the good of humanity, not to destroy it. #RNC #GOP #TampaBay @washingtonpost Quinn
Continue to follow the conversation about #TampaBay the rest of this week and after the #RNC is over!
#RNC Press scrum and Marco Rubio @fineout @MaryEllenKlas Baltzelle
MY BOSS GETS ENGAGED ON THE RNC STAGE!! Two peas in a pod! #RNC2012 #cutecouple #happy Powers
Condoleezza Rice practices at RNC podium
@alexbpickett @cl_tampa We have had a great turnout from RNC delegates, visitors, and media, including this morning! salon
HCSO Deputies and Florida National Guardsmen discuss security protocol in downtown Tampa. #RNC
The scene outside my wife’s office in downtown Tampa for #RNC. Hence why she is off the rest of the week. Arcia
HCSO Deputy Brett Seigler ascends to a rooftop near the RNC for a security check. #RNC
NJ Gov Christie talks to the PA and NH breakfast during RNC week. #RNC2012 Zehawi
My view from last night’s RNC. No matter your political POV, watching the USA choose a prez candidate is inspiring. Spies
Senator Marco Rubio on @CBSThisMorning #RNC landman
Chris Christie "a NJ Republican delivering the keynote speech at the RNC.." #gop2012
great remarks from future 1st lady @AnnDRomney #RNC #RomneyRyan2012 @caRNC12 Kuo
Attendees chanting, "USA" and "we want Ann" #RNC
Delegates welcome @GovWalker #Wisconsin #RNC #RomneyRyan2012 @caRNC12 Kuo
A giant welcome for party switcher Artur Davis #RNC
Ted Cruz. @ RNC Hunt Team Four
Rick Santorum delivers an unapologetically prolife speech at the RNC. Jones
"@TamaraLush: My favorite photo so far. #RNC #Tampa" @SiobhanHarley @BobBuckhornMarjorie Stout
Kapow! Having fun with TFK at the RNC. #2012GOP For Kids
"Don’t believe the liberal media!" Is now being projected onto the building next door. Lol@ #RNC
Romney brothers await @anndromney as she prepares to take the stage #RNC #RomneyRyan2012 #moms @caRNC12 Kuo
Amazing Grace with @oakridgeboys at the #RNC @caRNC12 #RomneyRyan2012 Kuo
Marchers making their way up 8th Ave in Ybor City. #RNC
The militia organizing at RNC Occupy Ybor. Aicher
IL Rep. @AaronSchock sits with #Romney fam tonight. "Won’t rule out" Gov run in ’14. #RNC Thomas
Minnesota votes at RNC, Paul 33, Santorum 1, Romney 6. Stubbe
Here is a look at the RNC Forum-to-Convention Center air conditioned tunnel that is not quite so cool: Grimes
Just got a badge to get into the RNC convention tonight! Morello
This is Tampa today, on this first full day of the #RNC. You get the idea. (pic via @LHurtadoWFTS) #GOP2012 Glass
Mitt Romney puppet at rally against voter suppression. @wmnfnews #RNC #RNC2012 McKibbon
@campaignstory This is not business as usual in #Tampa looks like a police state! #campaignstory #GOP2012 #RNC for Autism
Here’s Michele Bachmann chatting with Minnesota Ron Paul delegates for whatever reason. Wouldn’t answer any questions. Tracey
The RNC just got better belush
RNC chair: Obama never even saw the inside of a lemonade stand! @Globalpost #RNC2012 R MacKenzie
Ron Paul visits and encourages his Minnesota delegates. #rnc2012 Lives
Ron on the floor of the RNC is cheered by the crowd and followed closely by the media pack. Zehawi
#occupytampa #occupyrnc being interviewed at the #RNC Fremeau
RT @5hauser: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is speaking to the Minnesota delegation at the RNC in Tampa-St. Pete. News
#protests at the #RNC #occupyrnc Fremeau
SC Gov. Nikki Haley holds a spontaneous press conference in the Google lounge of the RNC press center. K. Stephens
Tweets are flying at the Social Media Command center in #TampaBay during #rnc
RNC radio row: every major news talk radio station in one place #RNC2012 #ActionRNC George
Tuesday sunrise over Tampa Bay. Beautiful day for the RNC. May the storm be a non-event in New Orleans like it was here Rohrlack
Welcome to Huffington Post Spa for the RNC. Massaging the stress away today. Woo. Lynne
Major #RNC sighting… FL Senator Marco Rubio at the Cuban Club. #TampaBay EDC
Remnants of Tropical Storm Isaac hang over Downtown Tampa. #RNC #TampaBay http://pic.t T

RNC visitors enjoying the beautiful and historic Cuban Club in Ybor City. #TampaBay #GOP2012 EDC
At 4:43 PM EDT, Isaac produced a waterspout in Tampa near #rnc. #flwx Tampa Bay
Democracy in Action, In Tampa, FL. RNC 2012. @zerlinamaxwell green
RNC protest pic, protesters out numbered by police Protest 0 RNC Police 1 Lopez
. @ReincePriebus needles @AdairPolitiFact about Super Bowl comment factcheck. TBTimes
@Citizens_United tent at the #RNC survived the storm! Everything is coming together. #GOP2013 #Isaac #Tampa #Tcot Humphrey
End of the line for umbrellas at the #RNC. Secret Service Security is tight in #Tampa. Sandoval
Lots of media and probably about 100 protesters at #Romneyville right now. #GOP2012 #RNC Wang
RNC just officially called to order. #ActionRNC #RNC2012 George
RNC Chairman @Reince calling the 2012 convention to order #RNC2012 Wren

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