Pawlenty falls flat; Voter ID legal challenges loom; Cop kicks man on video

Re: the Republican National Convention

Bob Collins blogs about the security state at the RNC in Tampa and how St Paul’s 2008 convention informed the approach taken in Tampa this year.

Armed with one-liners, Pawlenty tears into Obama

MPR News: “Pawlenty used much of his high-profile moment at the convention in Tampa, Fla., to tear into the president, mixing humor into his sharp attacks. He drew a polite reception as he approached the podium and some loud applause for his one-liners. ‘Barack Obama is the first president to create more excuses than jobs,’ Pawlenty said. Politico’s Mahtesian on Tim Pawlenty’s speech: “If Mitt Romney’s veep shortlist consisted of Ryan, Pawlenty and Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, Wednesday’s speeches suggested he made the right call. Portman and Pawlenty fell flat; Ryan delivered the best speech of the convention to date. Pawlenty’s beginning and end showed promise. Everything in between was forgettable. Unlike some other speakers, the Minnesota governor at least spent time extolling the GOP nominee’s virtues. But wave after wave of canned lines drained the life from Pawlenty’s address.”

WNYC: Paul Ryan headlines a night of whoppers

Houston Chronicle: After leaving the RNC floor in protest, Ron Paul backers still steamed at Romney

Hot Dish Politics: Minnesota’s Paul supporters relieved, furious after RNC vote

Photo blog: Images from the RNC

Ongoing social media photo updates from the Republican National Convention.

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Kid Rock could use bigger shirts. #RNC Kevin
Kid Rock!! #rnc J. Gilbert
Paul Ryan ends the night with his family. Behnken
Vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan addresses the packed crowd this evening. #2012TampaBay #GOP2012 Host Committee
Rock music blares as Paul Ryan takes the stage at #RNC2012. "Let’s get this done," he says: 13 Tampa Bay
Condi Rice takes the #RNC2012 stage, immediately recalls morning of Sept. 11th: 13 Tampa Bay
Pawlenty – It’s not the President’s fault, a lot of people fail at their first job. #2012GOP Grabins
John McCain addresses the GOP Convention #GOP2012 Maroney
RNC 2012: Tim and Mary Pawlenty have to think about what came close – twice… #mapoli Johnson
RT @gaylesierens: The Ryan family practicing for their bag night at the RNC NEWS
Geraldo Rivera interacts with the masses on radio row. very personable. #GOP2012 #rNc #tampa
Donna Brazile and Ralph Reed together again at the RNC. #2012unfilteredwpdan
Hizonor Rudy Gulliani talks to WNYC-am on radio row Wednesday. #rNc #gop2012. #tampa
"Hands off my Vagina!" I am sorry but u have to find #humor in all this #political madness. #RNC #Tampabay #GOP #CNN Quinn
Chelsea Clinton chatting at the #rNc media center google lounge Wednesday. #GOP2012 No drones at the RNC? #OWS — Occupy Tampa (@OccupyTampa) @FederalJackInfo Dropper
I found the stack of "homemade" signs declaring "We love you Ann!" #2012unfiltered #gop2012philiprucker
We weren’t kidding when we said security was tight at #RNC 2012! @WEBNBoston O’Donnell
Interviewed former secretary of state Rice at RNC in Tampa today. @KosichJohn talked Browns with her 1 on 1 airs at 6 Livingston
Religion & Democracy were intended for the good of humanity, not to destroy it. #RNC #GOP #TampaBay @washingtonpost Quinn
Continue to follow the conversation about #TampaBay the rest of this week and after the #RNC is over!
#RNC Press scrum and Marco Rubio @fineout @MaryEllenKlas Baltzelle
MY BOSS GETS ENGAGED ON THE RNC STAGE!! Two peas in a pod! #RNC2012 #cutecouple #happy Powers
Condoleezza Rice practices at RNC podium
@alexbpickett @cl_tampa We have had a great turnout from RNC delegates, visitors, and media, including this morning! salon
HCSO Deputies and Florida National Guardsmen discuss security protocol in downtown Tampa. #RNC
The scene outside my wife’s office in downtown Tampa for #RNC. Hence why she is off the rest of the week. Arcia
HCSO Deputy Brett Seigler ascends to a rooftop near the RNC for a security check. #RNC
NJ Gov Christie talks to the PA and NH breakfast during RNC week. #RNC2012 Zehawi
My view from last night’s RNC. No matter your political POV, watching the USA choose a prez candidate is inspiring. Spies
Senator Marco Rubio on @CBSThisMorning #RNC landman
Chris Christie "a NJ Republican delivering the keynote speech at the RNC.." #gop2012
great remarks from future 1st lady @AnnDRomney #RNC #RomneyRyan2012 @caRNC12 Kuo
Attendees chanting, "USA" and "we want Ann" #RNC
Delegates welcome @GovWalker #Wisconsin #RNC #RomneyRyan2012 @caRNC12 Kuo
Behind the scenes as @thefix preps for a @washingtonpost and Google+ hangout! #gop2012 #2012unfiltered @youtubepoliticspergam
A giant welcome for party switcher Artur Davis #RNC
Ted Cruz. @ RNC Hunt Team Four
Rick Santorum delivers an unapologetically prolife speech at the RNC. Jones
"@TamaraLush: My favorite photo so far. #RNC #Tampa" @SiobhanHarley @BobBuckhornMarjorie Stout
Kapow! Having fun with TFK at the RNC. #2012GOP For Kids
John Kasich. Newt Gingrich. Is this 2012 or 1995? #2012unfilteredwpdan
"Don’t believe the liberal media!" Is now being projected onto the building next door. Lol@ #RNC
Romney brothers await @anndromney as she prepares to take the stage #RNC #RomneyRyan2012 #moms @caRNC12 Kuo
Amazing Grace with @oakridgeboys at the #RNC @caRNC12 #RomneyRyan2012 Kuo
Marchers making their way up 8th Ave in Ybor City. #RNC
The militia organizing at RNC Occupy Ybor. Aicher
IL Rep. @AaronSchock sits with #Romney fam tonight. "Won’t rule out" Gov run in ’14. #RNC Thomas
Minnesota votes at RNC, Paul 33, Santorum 1, Romney 6. Stubbe
Here is a look at the RNC Forum-to-Convention Center air conditioned tunnel that is not quite so cool: Grimes
Just got a badge to get into the RNC convention tonight! Morello
This is Tampa today, on this first full day of the #RNC. You get the idea. (pic via @LHurtadoWFTS) #GOP2012 Glass
Mitt Romney puppet at rally against voter suppression. @wmnfnews #RNC #RNC2012 McKibbon
@campaignstory This is not business as usual in #Tampa looks like a police state! #campaignstory #GOP2012 #RNC for Autism
Here’s Michele Bachmann chatting with Minnesota Ron Paul delegates for whatever reason. Wouldn’t answer any questions. Tracey
The RNC just got better belush
RNC chair: Obama never even saw the inside of a lemonade stand! @Globalpost #RNC2012 R MacKenzie
Ron Paul visits and encourages his Minnesota delegates. #rnc2012 Lives
Ron on the floor of the RNC is cheered by the crowd and follow

ed closely by the media pack. Zehawi

#occupytampa #occupyrnc being interviewed at the #RNC Fremeau
RT @5hauser: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is speaking to the Minnesota delegation at the RNC in Tampa-St. Pete. News
#protests at the #RNC #occupyrnc Fremeau
SC Gov. Nikki Haley holds a spontaneous press conference in the Google lounge of the RNC press center. K. Stephens
Tweets are flying at the Social Media Command center in #TampaBay during #rnc
RNC radio row: every major news talk radio station in one place #RNC2012 #ActionRNC George
Tuesday sunrise over Tampa Bay. Beautiful day for the RNC. May the storm be a non-event in New Orleans like it was here Rohrlack
Welcome to Huffington Post Spa for the RNC. Massaging the stress away today. Woo. Lynne
Major #RNC sighting… FL Senator Marco Rubio at the Cuban Club. #TampaBay EDC
Remnants of Tropical Storm Isaac hang over Downtown Tampa. #RNC #TampaBay T
RNC visitors enjoying the beautiful and historic Cuban Club in Ybor City. #TampaBay #GOP2012 EDC
At 4:43 PM EDT, Isaac produced a waterspout in Tampa near #rnc. #flwx Tampa Bay
Democracy in Action, In Tampa, FL. RNC 2012. @zerlinamaxwell green
RNC protest pic, protesters out numbered by police Protest 0 RNC Police 1 Lopez
. @ReincePriebus needles @AdairPolitiFact about Super Bowl comment factcheck. TBTimes
@Citizens_United tent at the #RNC survived the storm! Everything is coming together. #GOP2013 #Isaac #Tampa #Tcot Humphrey
End of the line for umbrellas at the #RNC. Secret Service Security is tight in #Tampa. Sandoval
Lots of media and probably about 100 protesters at #Romneyville right now. #GOP2012 #RNC Wang
RNC just officially called to order. #ActionRNC #RNC2012 George
RNC Chairman @Reince calling the 2012 convention to order #RNC2012 Wren

The federal bailout that saved Mitt Romney

“Mitt Romney likes to say he won’t ‘apologize’ for his success in business. But what he never says is ‘thank you’ – to the American people – for the federal bailout of Bain & Company that made so much of his outsize wealth possible,” Rolling Stone.

And in the event you weren’t on the internet yesterday, President Obama held a Q&A on Reddit.

Around MN

St. Paul officer seen on video kicking man

“An investigation is underway following an arrest in St. Paul caught on tape and posted on YouTube (warning: video contains foul language),” KARE11.

More lawsuits likely if photo ID amendment passes

MPR News: “This week’s Minnesota Supreme Court ruling on the proposed voter ID constitutional amendment resolved one legal challenge, but more are likely to come.”

Cloquet police: Victim fears for his life after shooting

“Cloquet police are investigating what is believed to be a gang-related shooting on the Fond du Lac Indian Reservation in which the victim was shot in the foot, but investigators say he isn’t providing much information because he fears for his life,” Duluth News Tribune.

Taconite plants face environmental challenge

MPR News: “Minnesota’s taconite companies face a major environmental challenge in November when the federal government decides whether to require significant reduction in air pollution that causes haze in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and Voyaguers National Park. These regulations have been a long time coming, and the decision isn’t clear yet.”

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