VA suicide police lapses; Corn prices shutdown ethanol plants; Voter ID moves onward

Minneapolis VA faulted for suicide policy lapses

“It didn’t follow up on despondent patient who killed himself while under the agency’s care, the VA Inspector General’s Office said,” Star Tribune.

High corn prices force ethanol plant shutdowns

“Across the nation, spiking corn prices and limited supply are forcing a growing number of ethanol plants, including the one here, to temporarily close — yet another symptom of the worst drought in half a century,” MPR News.

Minn. Supreme Court denies challenge to photo ID

Star Tribune: “It’s a real victory for the constitution, separation of powers and upholding the authority of the Legislature,” said Rep. Mary Kiffmeyer, R-Big Lake, author of the photo ID amendment.

“Today we are Florida,” responded Chuck Samuelson of the ACLU of Minnesota, which worked on the ID challenge, referring to the 2000 presidential battle that was decided by the U.S. Supreme court. “This was a political decision by a political court.”

Teamsters say they’re locked out from SuperAmerica bakery operation

Pioneer Press: “Drivers for SuperMom’s bakery have been locked out of their jobs after bargaining on a new contract broke down, Teamsters Local 120 said Monday, Aug. 27.”

Update: Electronics loaded into coach’s car seized

Mankato Free Press: “Two computers, a cellphone, two cameras, a camcorder, computer storage devices and a large storage container full of compact disks, DVDs and videotapes were confiscated when the house and garage were searched, according to a list of items taken by investigators.”

Kiffmeyer touts reasons for Voter ID amendment

Rep. Mary “Kiffmeyer moved on to say she completely rejects the notion that Voter ID will disenfranchise voters, even though the amendment is designed to put tighter restrictions on voting,” New Ulm Journal.

Capitol View: Some Minn. Democrats using Akin abortion comments in Congressional races

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