Marriage and wilderness; Romney in Minn. big biz ‘doing fine’; Rural violence program cuts

Legislators take up flood aid in special session today

“There are people still living in campers outside their homes, because they still don’t have power,” Moose Lake’s flood administrator Tom Paull told MPR News. “So, when it gets cold, what are we going to do with them? It’s going to be a great concern, and how are we going to pay for it.”

Marriage amendment campaigns square off at State Fair

“One of the biggest questions on this year’s ballot is a constitutional amendment that would effectively ban same-sex marriage — an issue that has those on both sides of the debate squaring off down the street from one another in two new booths at the fair,” MPR News.

Op-Ed: Don’t treat marriage like wilderness preservation

“Those who’d redefine it think like those who’d despoil the wilderness,” Star Tribune.

Rural violence and abuse program falls victim to funding cuts

“Crisis intervention/advocacy program in Marshall forced to downsize this fall as a result of 45 percent cut in funding,” Marshall Independent.

Negligent landlord leaves Somali mall without water

“A number of businesses at a predominantly Somali mall have gone without water and working bathrooms this week because of a negligent landlord,” Star Tribune.

Romney highlights role of offshore tax havens in helping ensure big business is ‘doing fine’

“Creating a potential headache for his campaign, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said big businesses in the U.S. were ‘doing fine’ in part because they get advantages from offshore tax havens,” Washington Post. Romney made the comments in Minnesota while collecting “roughly $1 million dollars from Twin Cities donors Thursday at two private events near Lake Minnetonka,” KARE11.

Oak Park Heights vote clears way for St. Croix bridge

“The Oak Park Heights City Council Thursday evening voted to clear the way for a new bridge over the St. Croix River between Minnesota and Wisconsin,” MPR News.

Stevens County woman first West Nile virus fatality in Minnesota in 2012

“An elderly Stevens County woman has died after contracting West Nile virus, the first death in the state of Minnesota this year,” Morris Sun Tribune.

Capitol View: Kurt Bills presses Republicans to back Romney, not Paul.

Pre-election legal battles target voting rules

NPR: “New laws on voter identification and early voting are being challenged in court. Some cases could drag on until Nov. 6, Election Day, and beyond. The outcomes will affect voters, and maybe even the results.”

Gov. Dayton asks for additional $42.5M to build health exchange

“The Dayton administration has asked the federal government for another $42.5 million to build Minnesota’s insurance exchange, a key part of President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act,” MPR News.

New York Times: To avoid Tropical Storm Issac and Ron Paul supporters Romney may be nominated early. (h/t Daily Digest)

National monument celebrates 75 years

“Pipestone National Monument Superintendent Glen Livermont has mixed feelings about Saturday’s weather forecast, which currently includes a 40 percent chance of rain. He knows the moisture is badly needed, but also doesn’t want it to rain on his facility’s celebration,” Worthington Daily Globe.

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