The 70 year old freshman?; Time between wins; Flu at the fair

MPR News: Nolan wins in 8th; Quist wins in 1st

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The 70 year old freshman?

If Rick Nolan wins in November he’d be a 70 years old when he gets sworn in. The average age for a freshman Democrat in the 112 Congress: 53, average age for Democrats in a leadership position: 70. (Examiner) His age puts him close, but still pretty far away from “one of” the oldest freshman WIll Neal who West Virginians sent to the U.S. House when he was 77. ( Should Nolan win, he would have a leg up on others in his freshman class. He represented the 6th Congressional District between 1975 and 1981. Should Allen Quist, winner of last night’s GOP contest in the 1st Congressional District, win in November he’d be 69 when he gets sworn in.

Our view: Cravaack, Nolan can lead the way to civility

“Nolan and Cravaack — and their supporters — will have opportunities in the weeks ahead to campaign with class. Candidates in all races can then follow suit. The opportunities for Cravaack and Nolan include a candidate forum on Oct. 9,” (Duluth News Tribune)*.

Tough love for Quist from a fellow conservative

Allen Quist “is going to have to work hard in presenting himself as an electable Republican. Because that’s not something has has a record of doing. He hasn’t won an election since the mid-80s and that is a long time” — Conservative blogger and GOP activist Michael Brodkorp on the challenge ahead for Allen Quist as he faces Incumbent Rep. Tim Walz in November (Capitol View).

U study raises new worries about flu at fairs

“At the 2009 State Fair, 19 percent of pigs tested — even healthy-looking ones — had the flu virus,” (Star Tribune)*.

Bennett, Vikings stadium booster, loses seat on Ramsey Co. board

“Ramsey County Commissioner Tony Bennett lost his bid for re-election to the County Board in Tuesday’s primary election, after serving 16 years in office,” (MPR News).

PUC denies reconsideration for CapX2020 route

Post Bulletin*: “A dispute over the route of CapX2020 high-voltage transmission lines through southeastern Minnesota appears destined for a courtroom challenge, after the state Public Utilities Commission last week declined a request to reconsider a past decision.”

Our View: Energy decisions will resonate in Minnesota

The Rochester Post Bulletin has a good op-ed* of looming energy deadlines and implications to consider today.

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