Amoeba death; TV ‘powerless’ against untrue ads; ‘Gutter politics’

Amoeba in Stillwater’s Lily Lake is suspected in boy’s death

Star Tribune: “A 9-year-old boy died Tuesday from a suspected rare form of meningitis caused by a freshwater amoeba, and Lily Lake in Stillwater has been closed to swimming in the aftermath, the Minnesota Department of Health reported Tuesday night.”

TV stations powerless to block objectionable political ads

KARE11: “Gary Boisclair, a Tea Party supporter running in the 5th District DFL primary against incumbent Democrat Keith Ellison, purchased air time on several local stations, including KARE 11. One ad ties Ellison to an Islamist extremism, without any factual basis, and shows pictures purported to be Christian children murdered by Muslims.”

Dayton wants $190 million for flood aid

“Republicans were surprised Tuesday when they learned Gov. Mark Dayton wants $190 million for disaster relief, but the Democratic governor said Tuesday that even the GOP’s lower figure is better than nothing,” reports the Duluth News Tribune. MPR News: “Over the past 15 years, Minnesota lawmakers have responded to 32 natural disaster with appropriations totaling $488 million. State Sen. Claire Robling, chairman of the Senate finance committee said the administration’s proposal was surprisingly high.”

With many policy similarities, 8th District DFLers stress experience

MPR News: “The three DFL candidates competing for the party’s nomination in the 8th Congressional District talked Tuesday morning about the need for elected officials to compromise.”

Cravaack wants more money to arm pilots

Star Tribune: “He calls them last line of defense as White House has sought cuts.”

Austin council candidate asks voter not to support him

“With the Aug. 14 primary approaching, Austin City Council candidate Zeke Dahl has one message for voters: don’t pick me. According to Dahl, a convicted felon, he would be ineligible to take office on Jan. 1, 2013. ‘If I did get elected, I’d have to resign,’ he said,” reports the Austin Daily Herald.

Dayton: Parry’s pill comment is ‘gutter politics’

MPR News: “State Sen. Mike Parry, who is also seeking the Republican nomination for Congress in the 1st District, is under fire for claiming that he saw Gov. Mark Dayton take pills.” When asked about the pill-popping comment Parry’s GOP opponent Allen Quist told the Rochester Post Bulletin, “I wouldn’t touch that with a 10-foot pole.”

Minnesotans take advantage of North Dakota oil boom

KARE11: “Over the last three years, opportunity has drilled its way in and around Williston, North Dakota. And Minnesotans are trying to cash in.”

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