Minn. No. 1 in medical care; The value of a good storm water system

Minnesota No. 1 in medical care

Star Tribune: “Most care categories were strong, a federal report said, with home health care the exception.”

Small towns bear brunt of flood damage

MPR News: “The city of Duluth grabbed headlines following flooding that surged across northeast Minnesota nearly three weeks ago. But several small towns just to the southwest suffered some of the most extensive damage.”

Estimated damage in Carlton County: more than $100 million

Good storm water system helped save Duluth schools

Duluth News Tribune: “The Duluth school district sustained only minor flood damage during the June 19-20 storm that ravaged parts of the region and is crediting in part the new storm water systems installed at some of the schools.”

Farms rise again on acres where houses were planned

Star Tribune: “The housing bust and commodity boom have altered land-use patterns at the edge of suburbia.”

Election 2012

Parry targets Quist over gas tax vote

New Ulm Journal: “Minnesota 1st Congressional District Republican candidate state Sen. Mike Parry was on the attack Monday against fellow Republican candidate Allen Quist over his 1986 vote in support of a gas tax increase.”

In framing touchy election issues, party leaders take risks

New York Times: “President Obama and Congressional Republicans pressed ahead on Monday with politically charged proposals on tax cuts and health care, in competing efforts to frame the election-year debate. But each risked opening fissures in their own ranks, as lawmakers played up alternatives to the aggressive approaches of their leaders.”

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