Fighting pesticide use; Breaking even; When otters attack

Anti-pesticide movement gaining ground in Lakes Country

WDAY: “People in Lakes Country say they’ve had enough. They say pesticides from farm fields keep making them sick. They’ve part of an anti-pesticide movement that is gaining momentum. Their goal is showing the possible dangers of the air we breathe.”

Goodhue County commission tables recommendation on silica mining

Post Bulletin: “With very little discussion, the nine-member board unanimously tabled the issue until July 30 so additional analysis could be done by residents.”

10,000 jobs to break even

Minnesota Brown: “Mining wages up. Mining jobs down. New mining jobs unlikely to back-fill losses.” More mining coverage

Is it fair to ridicule Romney for his ‘retroactive retirement’ from Bain?

New Yorker: “The concept of ‘retroactive retirement’ is well-established. Ben Affleck retroactively retired from the cast of ‘Gigli,’ thus restoring his bankability as a movie star. As the journalist Matt Yglesias recalled, Michael Jordan retroactively retired from his two seasons playing for the Washington Wizards.” More 2012 coverage

Bachmann defends her witch hunt

Salon: “Rep. Michele Bachmann defended her attempt to root out ‘deep penetration’ by the Muslim Brotherhood into the U.S. government Friday, writing a 16-page letter explaining and expanding on her initial charges against Huma Abedin and others of being terrorist sympathizers.” More 2012 coverage

Otter attack victim will dive back into Island Lake this Sunday

Northland News: “The Anoka woman, bitten by an otter 25 times last week in Island Lake, will be diving back in, this Sunday.”

Spoof — Beware: Duluth Attacking Otters


Perfect Duluth Day: “Please, beware of attacking otters in the Duluth area. There is at least one attacking otter on the loose and where there is one…. there has got to be more.” Check out PDD for the glory of the full thread.

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