University researchers excited about high speed network


MPR file photo

A new optical data connection now links university researchers between Seattle and Chicago.

The 10 gigabit connection links researchers and educators in Wisconsin,Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho and Washington.

The connection, called Northern Wave, will ultimately link to other high speed networks in Seattle and Chicago, potentially allowing researchers around the world to more easily collaborate on projects.

The project also connects with Boreas, a high speed network linking the University of Minnesota, the University of Iowa, Wisconsin- Madison, and Iowa State University.

North Dakota State University’s Marc Wallman headed up the project. He called the Northern Wave project “a major milestone” for researchers.

The project was built with grants from the National Science Foundation. Researchers are expected to start using the system this month.

“Northern Wave brings a significant new capacity to network through improved communication facilities as well as easy exchange of data for initiating collaborations with other institutions,” said Kalpana Katti, North Dakota State University Distinguished Professor of Civil Engineering who works on nanoscale research. “This is especially important for the establishment of large competitive research centers.”

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