This Week in MN: Ventura’s warm homecoming; General Mills same sex reverberations

This Week in Minnesota Politics

Former Governor Ventura beats up on the two-party system and money in politics, and Minnesotans cheer him on; General Mills comes out against the marriage amendment; Farm bill; Politicians reveal riches (or lack thereof); and Senate candidate Kurt Bills stars in a bizarre short film.

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Add another name to the growing list of Minnesota businesses that have come out against the proposed marriage amendment. General Mills announced Thursday its opposition to the amendment. “While General Mills doesn’t normally take positions on ballot measures, this is a business issue that impacts our employees…We do not believe the proposed constitutional amendment is in the best interests of our employees or our state economy,” General Mills Vice President Ken Charles wrote in a company blog post. All across Facebook and Twitter Minnesotans rallied behind General Mills’ decision.
I dunno what that has to do with cereal, but good for them.Robin Collins Edman
Good Going General Mills. It is wonderful to hear that a major company has had the corporate guts to speak our against discrimination.Pauline Hendrickson
a statement of support for a fair and just Minnesota and to defeat the forces of bigotry.Gini Johnson
In my mind, Betty Crocker is a new super hero.Cheri Abraham
While support for General Mills’ position was the prevailing view across social networks their was a vocal minority who disagreed with the company’s stance.
#MinnesotaForMarriage Campaign Criticizes General Mills for Endorsing Gay Marriage #1m1w #4MarriageMN #GeneralMillsMN for Marriage
Wholesome?Joe Schulte
GM should be more concerned about retaining the 450 jobs they are cutting this summer then political stances.Paul McDonough
I certainly will look at what brand I buy from here on….Not GM.Laurel Malmstrom
Former Minnesota Governor and pro-wrestler Jesse Ventura stopped by All Things Considered this week to talk with Tom Crann about his new book “DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans: No More Gangs in Government.” In the book Ventura body slams the two-party system and the influence of money in politics. The interview sparked conversation on MPR’s Facebook page, with many of our followers surprised to find they agreed with the governor’s assessment.
Jesse Ventura is a very sharp man who feels that it is necessary to shock people to get them to even consider uncomfortable ideas. I’m not sure I agree with him, but he’s certainly got me thinking.Daniel Taylor
I read this interview expecting to find a bunch of crazy stuff. I was surprised at how much sense he made. I agree with others that the personal attacks and name calling aren’t appropriate, and reflect poorly on the writers of said remarks.Mary Larson-Dennis
As much of a loon as he appears to deliberately try to be, I thought he actually came across pretty intelligently in the interview. He actually has things to say that I could agree with. Stephen Boyd
Mike Obermueller, candidate for Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District, got a campaign boost this week with the announcement that he is being moved to the top tier of The Democratic Campaign Committee’s “Red to Blue” list. The move, which puts Obermueller in a bracket of 36 other House races that Democrats believe they can win, means his campaign will receive financial, organizational and strategic support from the Democrat’s national campaign organization as he faces off against Rep John Kline, who’s represented the district for the last nine years but faces a tough reelection following last year’s redistricting.
Thrilled to announce that I’ve been named to the Red to Blue list! Only candidate in MN. Obermueller
Obermueller gets a boost from Washington | Capitol ViewPosted at 10:04 AM on June 11, 2012 by Catharine Richert (0 Comments) Filed under:Campaign 2012: U.S. MN CD2 It looks like Minnesota’s 2n…
It was a quiet week in Washington with House members out for recess. While the state’s representatives were back in Minnesota, Senators Klobuchar and Franken were attending committee hearings and debating the farm bill.On Tuesday  Attorney General Eric Holder was on the Hill testifying before Congress and both Klobuchar and Franken questioned Holder about the Justice Department’s efforts to support local drug courts, legislation aimed at curtailing crime on tribal lands and the department’s position on data limits being implemented by cable and Internet providers.
Justice Department Oversight – C-SPAN Video LibraryEric Holder testified at an oversight hearing. Much of the hearing focused on national security leaks and the government’s "Fast and Furi…
A few days after his medical device tax repeal bill passed through the House, Rep. Erik Paulsen was tapped by GOP leaders to give the weekly Republican address. Paulsen zeroed in on a pending medical device tax that’s part of the new healthcare law, claiming the new tax stifles job growth. “I’ve heard from business leaders who say that this new tax is already forcing them to layoff workers and they may even have to shut their doors completely,” Paulsen said. 
Weekly Republican Address 6/9/12: Rep. Erik Paulsen (R-MN)houseconference
Minnesota Today editor Michael Olson and Washington correspondent Brett Neely hosted MPR’s inaugural Google Hangout this week. The two dissected the farm bill and reviewed the recent financial filings by members of Congress. 

“As of Thursday people were starting to get a little pessimistic about whether or not the farm bill was actually going to pass [through the Senate] at all…I was chatting with someone pretty wired in and he was pretty confident that this was going to get done, maybe as soon as next week.,” Neely told Olson during their discussion about the farm bill.
This Week in Washingtonpublicmic
Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Kurt Bills shed the political suit this week and stepped into the spotlight. Appearing in a short film being submitted to the Minneapolis 48 Hour Film Project, Bills lent his deep baritone to the project and plays the role of a narrator. 
"Staring at the Future" Trailer – 48 Hour Film Project – Kurt Bills for U.S. Senatekurtbills
The bizarre film garnered a lot of buzz for Bills who is still unknown to many voters in the state. Despite winning a heavy dose of free media, Bills was attacked by fellow Republicans for his involvement in the film.
Thought it was a SNL skit…it’s not. #fail who ever thought that was a good idea and approved that… #failJennifer DeJournett
@Shabbosgoy worse. ad. ever. #fail on a giant scale.michelle venturo
Here’s a better idea…get a tank, have the candidate wear a helmet….you know how this story

ends.Michael Brodkorb

Hey, if this whole Senator thing doesn’t work out being a movie star isn’t too bad a fallback. For more Minnesota political news visit the Capitol View blog from MPR News.