Mosquito season in full force; Paulsen legislation, stock portfolio intersect

Mosquito season peaking in Twin Cities

Pioneer Press: “Mosquito season is at its peak in the Twin Cities, but itchy residents may find some relief in knowing the bug’s numbers are expected to drop.”

We are not alone:

Mosquitoes arrive early – and in force‎ – Miami Herald

Mosquitoes mob Green Valley; residents organize to zap swarms‎ – The Seattle Times

Some Lower Valley farmers irritated by mass of mosquitoes‎ – The News Tribune

Lower Valley farmers dealing with out-of-control mosquitoes‎ – Yakima Herald-Republic

Also on MN Today

Paulsen’s legislation, stock portfolio intersect

OpenSecrets: “Last week’s House passage of H.R. 436, the Health Care Cost Reduction Act, was a victory for Rep.Erik Paulsen, its sponsor. And the Minnesota Republican’s political success may provide a boost to his investment portfolio, as well.”

City of St. Paul seeks to stop photo ID

Star Tribune: “The city of St. Paul joined other photo ID foes in arguing against a proposed constitutional amendment that is headed for the November general election ballot.”

Kline leads NRCC effort in tough races

Politico: “The Battleground Program is the party’s major dues drive of the year. … Reps. Patrick McHenry of North Carolina, Kristi Noem of South Dakota, Lynn Westmoreland of Georgia, John Kline of Minnesota and Roskam are co-chairing the effort.”

Why Ohio? The numbers don’t lie

Smart Politics: “Talk about bellwethers: Ohio’s vote for the winning presidential candidate has deviated from the national vote an average of just 2.2 points since 1900 and only 1.3 points since 1964.”

Justin Morneau is making healthier decisions at the plate

Star Tribune: “By saying no to gluten and dairy and yes to fruits and veggies, he’s making food work for him.”

IRS resists whistleblowers despite wide U.S. tax gap

Bloomberg: “Alliantgroup LP is a politically connected advisory firm that helps companies apply for lucrative tax credits. Clients have ranged from Oscar de la Renta to an Arkansas candle maker.The firm also helps companies sidestep taxes, two former employees alleged in July 2009.”

Pawlenty still a no-go for VP role

WCCO: “Despite all the hoopla surrounding Pawlenty as a possible VP, many still consider Florida Senator Marco Rubio as the frontrunner.”

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