Live chat: Duluth photographers reflect on historic flood

  • Jim Camoriano

    Amazing captures – hats off to you guys! I work at State Farm – we’ve got reps responding in Duluth, but just wanted to say the role photographers play is valuable in disasters like this. It helps us get a scope of the damage and the hardest-hit areas.

  • Codie L

    Hey everyone. This is Codie. Sorry my connection was so bad… I’m using a friend’s computer, and it couldn’t handle the chat.

    For me, many of the roads were damaged, but most of town was fine. My mom was frightened because she thought the whole town was underwater because of the facebook pictures, but I had to convince her that it people were only taking pictures of the worst-of-the-worst.

    I was affected because one of my co-workers is trapped in Kettle River and his driveway blew out. Also, us pizza drivers have had to take a lot of detours to avoid the flood areas. Water+gravity can do alot of damage.

    Anyway, thanks for the opportunity. It looks like I need to get a new laptop for next time around!