Accretive Senate panel in 24 Tweets

Sen. Franken probes Accretive Health collection practices

Minnesota Sen. Al Franken holds a field hearing examining the collection practices of Accretive Health. Minn. AG Lori Swanson is investigating the company after reviving complaints from patients who say they were asked to pay medical bills while in a care facility.

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Accretive back-story here from MPR’s Minnesota Today.
Sen. Franken Debt CollectorLivestream
Daily Circuit: “Interim CEO of Fairview Health Services Charles Mooty along with a top executive of a debt collection agency that has come under fire in Minnesota will be among those testifying at a congressional committee in St. Paul Wednesday morning. The hearing is chaired by Sen. Al Franken.”
Sen Franken calls hearing on Accretive hospital collection agency to order. Katz
MN AG Lori Swanson walking through Accretive scandal, step by step. Nurses
MN Atty General Lori Swanson laying out the case against Accretive for abusive tactics in collecting health care debts. Minnesota
Swanson: Patients were "stoplisted" by Accretive – meaning they had to pay before treatment or operations. Live vid: UpTake
Swanson: Accretive’s "secret sauce" in collecting patient debts included abusive bedside collection tactics. Minnesota
MN Commerce Commish Rothman says state has ongoing investigation of Accretive debt collections in MN.Patrick Kessler
Swanson: Accretive "hit up" for money patients in pain, in stages of undress, on gurneys, morphine drips.Patrick Kessler
Next up at the hearing are Fairview interim CEO Charles Mooty and a VP for Accretive. Nurses
Fairview Board Chair Charles Mooty: Accretive debt collections not in keeping w Fairview practices or ethics.Patrick Kessler
Accretive VP speaking as MNA and @NationalNurses RN Jean Ross looks on. Nurses
Accretive Sr VP says his company has been "misrepresented" in media. Says debt collection is only 1% of their business. UpTake
Accretive says it was unaware of employee e-mail describing patients as "deadbeats" and "stupid". Worker fired.Patrick Kessler
Franken hearing on Accretive draws overflow crowd #mnleg Croman
The #Accretive Health rep says employees are trained to not create impression emergency care is contingent on payment of outstanding debtJohn Croman
Accretive employee had sensitive patient data even though he worked in another area of company-says FrankenUpTake Minnesota
Despite pressure from Accretive debt collectors, Fairview patients say they had insurance & no hosp debt.Patrick Kessler
Fairview patient after Accretive encounter: "was shaking. I was furious."Patrick Kessler
Patient testifying about Accretive harassment states that doctors and nurses at Fairview were great, she got great care.Geri Katz
Accretive worker / Had info he did not need / So says Al Franken #haikuChristopher Snowbeck
Frmr Fairview nurse, Co-Pres Natl Nruses Union says Accretive debt collection is "ruthless corporate behavior, should not be allowed".Patrick Kessler
Michele Goodwin professor of law at UofM- Accretive engaged in aggressive and coercive practices.UpTake Minnesota
U of M Law Prof Goodwin: too much data provided to Accretive, too much not encrypted. Can strengthen HIPAA to better protect patient dataGeri Katz
Franken summarizes Accretive situation: It’s obvious something went very wrong here.Minnesota Nurses
Accretive exec apologizes to Fairview patients offended by its bill-collecting tactics. Tribune