The cure, not the controversy; Asian carp find new route north; GOP rift

Susan G. Komen participants focus on the cure, not the controversy

Pioneer Press: “Plenty of people wore pink at Sunday’s Susan G. Komen Twin Cities Race for the Cure, focusing on eradicating breast cancer and celebrating its survivors and not on the recent divisions created over the foundation’s ongoing funding of Planned Parenthood.”

Asian carp may have found a Minnesota back door through Iowa

MPR News: “There’s a back door for Asian carp to sneak into Minnesota, and fisheries officials are worried that the invaders might have found it already.”

Op-Ed: How do you take your Tea?

Lori Sturdevant: “Republicans leave the Capitol more divided than many realize, including their funders.”

It’s more than partisan at the Capitol. It’s personal

NewsCut: “It’s not particularly difficult to see why so many legislators have called it quits at the Minnesota Capitol this session, often citing the changing atmosphere of partisanship there.”

Mayo Clinic team returns from Mount Everest

Post Bulletin: “Team members had stayed at a base camp until a week ago, then they began a 50-mile trek, intending to do 10 days of research. They left the mountain a couple days early for reasons related to the effort of the North Face.”

Gaylord, Minn., school’s strategy pays off

Star Tribune: “Over the past eight years, the rural school about 60 miles southwest of the Twin Cities has dramatically raised reading scores, most notably among elementary students who are learning English, about one-fourth of the student population.”

4 years + 4 majors + 4.0 = Path to success for St. Scholastica grad

Duluth News Tribune: “When Brock Erdahl walked across the commencement stage with 570 undergraduate classmates from the College of St. Scholastica on Sunday afternoon, he was recognized as a quadruple major.”

Restaurant Report – Tycoons in Duluth

New York Times: “If you’re going to open a restaurant celebrating millionaires, Duluth, Minn., is a surprisingly appropriate place to do it: at the turn of the 20th century, the city had more of them per capita than any other in the country.”

Western Wisconsin leg of CapX2020 transmission project approved

Winona Daily News: “State regulators have approved plans to build a $202 million, high-voltage transmission line in western Wisconsin that will serve as the last leg of the CapX2020 transmission line, a 700-mile series of lines bringing lower-cost power from the Dakotas.”

Op-Ed: Mitt Romney, the unlikable candidate

Daily Beast: “It’s been a long time since the country elected a man as personally unappealing as Mitt Romney. Will Americans overlook their deeply held conviction that he’s a jerk?”

‘War on women?’ Yes, no and a sidestep

Star Tribune: “With women’s votes emerging as a major battleground in the 2012 presidential election, the three women in Minnesota’s congressional delegation are carving out distinctly contrasting roles.”

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