Vikings: House vote unworkable; The other side of the bridge; Catholic marriage campaign

Vikings bill passes House

News Cut:

The Minnesota House of Representatives passed the Vikings stadium bill after nine hours of debate on a 73-to-58 vote. Here’s the entire bill. The major changes were:

** State will share in naming rights income and will cap state portion of construction costs. The Vikings do not like this provision.

** Provides a 25% payment of the TOTAL SELLING PRICE to the state if the Vikings sell. That percentage is reduced 1% each year. The original bill called for a payment of the PROFIT only.

** The Vikings, rather than the stadium authority, would be responsible for operating overruns once the stadium is running

Capitol View has the vote count.

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Fortunes of Wisconsin landowners take turn with St. Croix River bridge

Star Tribune: “Standing in his western Wisconsin farm field on a recent morning, Ed Gillstrom pointed to where a new four-lane highway will wipe out some of the 95 acres where he grows hay for his cattle. ‘To take and wreck anything this beautiful because Stillwater wants a bridge …,’ said Gillstrom, his voice trailing into the wind. ‘That whole bridge project is about as crooked and political as anything can get. They’ve got all the politicians in the country telling me what’s good for this land.’ The Gillstrom family and a half-dozen other landowners in lightly populated St. Joseph Township now know with certainty that they will see, within four years, a major transformation of their rural way of life.

Catholic Church a powerful force in marriage amendment debate

MPR News: “Minnesota law already prohibits gay marriage. But Catholic bishops have made passage of the amendment a top political priority this year, so much so that the Catholic Church is putting a lot of money and prayers into the effort to pass the marriage amendment.”

On Game Day, bonding bill games cease

Star Tribune: “A $496 million bill crafted by a bipartisan rump group sailed smoothly through the House on a 99-32 vote, with every DFLer in the chamber joining a majority of Republicans in voting yes. A similarly positive reception for the bill is expected in the Senate later in the day.”

Wisconsin Gov. candidates Barrett and Falk compete for labor votes

WPR: “Democratic candidates for governor Tom Barrett and Kathleen Falk are making late bids for labor votes, ahead of Tuesday’s recall primary.” WPR has this take on the Democratic candidate’s final debate before today’s vote.

Critics of war on invasive carp decry cost, environmental impact

MPR News: “For about two decades, several species of fish commonly known as Asian carp have been creeping up the Mississippi River and its tributaries, gobbling up food native fish need to survive.”

Sensers’ text messages show a family grappling with tragedy

Star Tribune: “A thick printout containing hundreds of text messages sheds little light on what happened when Amy Senser struck and killed a man on a Minneapolis freeway ramp last summer.”

Twin Ports VA clinic to begin expansion this week

WPR: “The largest Veterans Administration outpatient clinic in northwestern Wisconsin is going to get even bigger, starting this week. It’s gearing up to serve the growing number of veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq.”

The county that picks presidents

National Journal: “Welcome to the molten core of the political universe, the hottest battleground in the biggest battleground state. Since 1960, Hillsborough County has called every single presidential election except for one–and there’s no reason to think that voters here won’t do it again.”