Arts Around MN: The Critique; A year on the Plains

Local painter Hazel Belvo’s Artist-in-Resident exhibit opened on April 9th, and the this weekend marks the closing of her show on April 22nd at the Grand Marais Art Colony. Her final lecture will take place this evening.

April 20: The Critique: Community Response. Based on the language, techniques and the content that she has presented and on the opportunity to have seen the process unfold, Hazel will ask the audience to participate in a discussion of the outcome. How do you talk about art?

MNArtist provides insight into Belvo’s perspective about the connection between art and education: “Belvo states, ‘I am convinced that an aesthetic education is critical to democracy and…within each individual there is a core connection to art whether in art making or appreciating art intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.'”

The open House will take place this weekend from 5-6p.m at the Grand Marais Art Colony,.

In Maple Grove, artist Mia Malone-Jennings will be exhibiting original art work that has been inspired by music. Her work is done with acrylics on canvas and the exhibit with many other artists from the community. The reception takes place April 22 2-4 the Maple Grove Art Center. This special event will include appetizers, wine, and music by chuck Solberg that will support the atmosphere created by the artists.


(By: Mia Malone-Jennings)

Another exhibit to attend this weekend is “A Year on the Plains” which will present work by Therese Masters Jacobson. Her art as been about a year process, and will be on display at the Campbell Public Library in East Grand Forks, MN until May 25th. Her acrylic work is inspired by the natural landscape, and she uses her own interpretation of the world around her to project a beautiful landscape in her art. Her work reflects her experiences, and provides the viewing audience to catch a glimpse into the artist mind and visual encounters. A reception is going to be help on the opening date from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Jacobson’s husband Dale Jacobson, a poet and author, will provide further entertainment by reading some of his works.


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