Legislative endgame; Dayton vetoes abortion bill; Apartment boom

Tying together gambling, stadium a dicey prospect for lawmakers

MPR News: “For now, the fate of the Vikings new stadium in Minnesota still rides, at least partly, on racehorses.” WCCO: “In football terms, you could call it ‘fourth and long’ when it comes to lawmakers approving a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings.”

Stadium bill maneuvering offers a refresher course in legislative politics

MinnPost: “Among other things, the ongoing stadium debate is offering Capitol onlookers a refresher course in several political realities — that no legislative committee is necessarily benign, that there’s no free ride for controversial legislation and that things aren’t always what they seem.”

There is news about the team and not where they play. Statewide: In other non-stadium Vikings news, draft picks restore order

Dayton vetoes abortion clinic restrictions

Pioneer Press: “Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton vetoed a bill that would impose licensing requirements on Minnesota clinics performing 10 or more abortions a month.”

Bachmann plans to back Romney ‘all in good time’

USA Today: “Newt Gingrich is making plans to do it next week. Rick Perry did so last night. And Michele Bachmann is indicating she’ll do so, too, on her own time frame.”

Hunting, livestock main topics of Duluth wolf conference

MPR News: “With a proposed wolf hunting season nearing approval in the Minnesota Legislature, state wildlife managers and others are meeting in Duluth for an annual conference on wolves in the Great Lakes region.”

Woman who caused Delta flight quarantine identified as Red Wing resident

Republican Eagle: “A phone call asking for medical advice for a Red Wing woman returning from Uganda resulted in a two-hour quarantine for Delta flight Thursday afternoon.”

New suburban flight: Apartments take off

Star Tribune: “A rental-housing construction boom in the core cities is migrating to the suburbs, but location is crucial.”

Scientists seek tiny particles in the big woods

Duluth News Tribune: “Preparations for a $283 million international experiment to solve mysteries of the universe have reached an important milestone in the woods of northern Minnesota.”

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