Catholics object to portrayal of pope; GOP debt; Potato chip Jesus

Catholics object to portrayal of pope in Holocaust play at UMD

Duluth News Tribune: “A controversial play scheduled at UMD next week critical of Pope Pius XII for not doing enough to stop the Holocaust has raised the ire of some local Catholics who are calling the event ‘hate speech.’ The 1963 play “The Deputy” is part of the 19th annual Baeumler Kaplan Holocaust Commemoration held at the University of Minnesota Duluth to raise awareness of the persecution of Jews and others by the Nazis before and during World War II. Fr. Richard Kunst, a Duluth priest and papal historian, said he spoke with UMD Chancellor Lendley Black briefly Monday and asked him to cancel the play. Other Catholics also have contacted UMD.”

Tragic day in Brooklyn Park, as police seek man in triple homicide

Pioneer Press: “The man outside the Brooklyn Park day care seemed suspicious. It was before sunrise Monday, April 9, and a mother had just dropped off her toddler. She wanted to know if everything was OK. So she called. Someone answered the phone at DeLois Brown’s home-based day care. But the line quickly went dead.” MPR News: “No arrests have been made yet in connection with the killing of three adults at a home-based daycare in Brooklyn Park. Police are searching for a thin, black man in his mid-twenties who was seen fleeing on a BMX bike from the quiet residential neighborhood where the deaths happened.”

Fighting the Nimrod-Lyons State Forest “Jeep” wildfire

Brainerd Dispatch: “Firefighters are battling a wildfire that has already burned more than 1,400 acres in north-central Minnesota.”

Danger extremely high for fires in SE Minnesota

KAAL: “The high winds and dry conditions kept fire fighters busy Monday with a number of grass fires. One that got away fast, a fire in High Forest Township near Stewartville. As a precaution, some homes were even asked to evacuate.”

Area orchard owners hoping cool weather doesn’t chew business to the core

Winona Daily News: “With temperatures threatening to drop into the 20s both overnight Monday and late tonight into Wednesday, Eric Rogich said he will be ‘hoping and praying and watching’ at Southwind Orchard near Dakota, Minn.”

Peterson: Obamacare not all bad

Marshall Independent: “U.S. Rep. Collin Peterson, D-Minn., is well aware that Republicans are already running ads against him for his decision to not vote to repeal Obamacare. … But he can’t help but wonder how this summer’s campaign will be shaped if the Supreme Court votes it down this summer.”

Redistricting reboot: Where is Faribault now?

Fairbault Daily News: “Starting after the 2012 elections, our congressional representative will come from the 1st Congressional District, not the 2nd Congressional. Congressman Tim Walz (DFL-Mankato) is the incumbent in the First, Congressman John Kline (R-Lakeville) is the incumbent in the Second.”

Souhan: Twins offense has been downright offensive

Star Tribune: “Minnesota was supposed to be able to hit, but it hasn’t happened so far.”

More on the Twins rough start to this season on Minnesota Today.

Op-Ed: Gas prices are nothing to complain about

MPR News: “It’s time to be indignant about indignation. Each time gas prices rise, shrieks are heard in the land as if somewhere in the Constitution there’s a right to cheap and plentiful fossil fuels.”

Obama campaign to oppose proposed amendment to ban gay marriage

Poliglot: “The Obama campaign has announced its opposition to the marriage amendment that will be on the November ballot in Minnesota that would restrict marriage only to opposite-sex.”

National GOP worried about state of Minnesota organization

Politico: “The Minnesota GOP is so deep in debt it has stopped paying the lease on its headquarters, the Iowa and Nevada parties are in transition after disastrous caucuses, and Ohio Republicans have been in a state of open warfare for months.”

Newport woman says she found Jesus image in her potato chip

Pioneer Press: “Jesus Christ has made yet another appearance on a potato chip.At least that’s what Newport resident Carol Isaak believes. The night before Easter, Isaak, 67, decided to snack on some potato chips.”

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