Turbine projects motionless; Water park illnesses grow; Apartment construction up

Resort owners have mixed feelings about plans for earlier Minnesota fishing opener

Duluth News Tribune: “Legislators are proposing to move the Minnesota fishing opener a week earlier. While most anglers probably would welcome getting on the water sooner, reaction in the tourism industry is mixed.”

Alternative energy: North Dakota’s prairie winds waning

Grand Forks Hearld: “North Dakota’s once-booming wind energy sector is waning because of the sluggish economy, continued transmission bottlenecks and the prospect that federal tax credits will expire at the end of the year.”

Moorhead waitress gets to keep $12,000 tip

Forum of Fargo Moorhead: “After the story prompted national headlines, authorities here said Thursday that police will return to the waitress the $12,000 left behind in cash by a Fryn’ Pan customer.”

Metro home building on the rise

Star Tribune: “Demand for apartments is fueling an increase in building in the metro area, especially in Minneapolis and inner-ring suburbs.”

Lee Byberg gears up to take his second shot at Peterson

MinnPost: “In 2010, a historically good year for Republicans nationally, Peterson beat Byberg by more than 17 points in a district that leans to the right. His advisers are planning a different outcome this fall.”

Number of crypto cases linked to Northland water parks continues to rise

Duluth News Tribune: “The number of confirmed and suspected cases of a waterborne disease outbreak linked to Duluth’s Edgewater Resort and Water Park continues to rise.”

Limited resources drive library systems in Arrowhead Region to merge

Lake News Chronicle: “Structural reorganization is the name of the game at libraries here in Lake County as a merger between the Arrowhead Library System and the North Country Library Cooperative will go into effect July 1.”

Report: Minnesota native who wrote ‘Three Cups of Tea’ mismanaged nonprofit

Pioneer Press: “‘Three Cups of Tea’ author Greg Mortenson will remain the face of the charity the Minnesota native co-founded, despite his having to repay $1 million after an investigative report released Thursday concluded he mismanaged the organization and misspent its money.”

So long, Southgate Bowl

Perfect Duluth Day: “:Since the Southgate Bowl in Cloquet is shutting down to make way for a Walgreens, it seems fitting to pay tribute. Best wishes to Gerry and Rose Pollard, who opened the place in the 1970s.”

From MazdaSpeed3Ftw on YouTube: “A compilation of time lapses on my spring break trip to the north shore of Lake Superior. We visited Grand Marais, Grand Portage, the Gunflint Trail, and made numerous stops along the way.”

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