Million-dollar inmates; Property tax appeals jump; Buffalo Bill’s Duluth

Property tax appeals jump

Duluth News Tribune: “Hundreds” of Duluth and St Louis Co. residents “have successfully fought to have their property values lowered by a combined $117 million since 2007, while other residents have gotten refunds of about $2.2 million since that time.”

Minnesota’s million-dollar inmates

Star Tribune: “Two forces — an aging prison population and rising health costs — threaten to crush the state’s corrections budget.”

Study shows deer population reducing valuable North Shore trees

MPR News: “The white-tailed deer is one of Minnesota’s most iconic and abundant wild creatures. They lure thousands of hunters into the woods every fall and are adored by children and wildlife lovers. But the deer are taking a toll on our forests. A new study released today documents the drastic impacts deer are having on the forest along the North Shore. Nearly 20 years ago the conservancy fenced off three half-acre blocks of forest along the North Shore to keep deer out. It left three adjacent blocks untouched, where deer are free to browse. Since then, White has worked to document the differences between the two areas.”

New Ulm man runs without a party, or campaign contributions

New Ulm Journal: “Jerry Pagel said he’s running because he believes partisan politics resulting from extremism by both major political parties have crippled state government.”

People in hoodies rally in downtown Duluth to honor Trayvon Martin

Duluth News Tribune: “Simultaneous demonstrations were held Saturday afternoon in cities around the nation from Sanford, Fla., to Duluth.”

Karlstad clergy united in faith

Grand Forks Herald: “Karlstad, a town of 760 in the southeast corner of Minnesota’s most northwest county — Kittson — has eight churches, the equivalent of one for every 95 residents. Every year they get together for Palm Sunday.”

In email to constituent, Senate Majority Leader bemoans lack of corporate power at MN capitol

Bluestem Prairie: “It’s the Feast of Fools, but a February email exchange just posted on a southern Minnesota DFL elist yesterday (and reposted here with permission) is no joke.”

1940 Census a bonanza for Minn. family history diggers

MPR News: “Professional genealogists like Paula Stuart-Warren and and her amateur counterparts are anxiously awaiting Monday’s once-every-10-year data dump. If you know where your relatives lived, you can find out who lived there, where they were born, where they worked and even how much money they made.”

Buffalo Bill Cody, his little sister Helen, and their connection to Duluth

Perfect Duluth Day: “Buffalo Bill Cody financed the Duluth Press Building in the friendly West End. There also used to be a Cody Hotel in West Duluth named after Buffalo Bill, and he is also the namesake behind Cody Street in West Duluth.”

Early grape budding threatens 2012 crop if frost returns

Grand Forks Herald: “The record-shredding warm weather in North Dakota could be trouble for grape growers in the state this year, officials said.”

Minnesota’s warm winter cools heat expenses

Star Tribune: “Lower natural gas prices also factor into the equation, but nevertheless, some consumers can expect their total bill to be about $200 less than last year.”

Republicans retreat on gay marriage

Politico: “Just a few years ago, House Republicans were trying to etch their opposition of gay marriage into the Constitution. Now? They’re almost silent.”

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