White pride rally flops in Duluth

Duluth News Tribune: “About eight members of a white supremacy group arrived at the Duluth Civic Center shortly after 10 a.m. today and were immediately confronted by dozens of people who had gathered in opposition.”


Protesters against the white supremacist group showed up early to perform a ceremonial ritual with the Native Americans, using tobacco to represent their prayers and offerings. Photo credit: Rachel Kraft for MPR News


Robert Hester in a debate with anti-racist protesters. Many protesters were throwing snowballs at the white supremacist members. According to eye witnesses, two protesters were detained for the throwing of snowballs. Photo credit: Rachel Kraft for MPR News


The Duluth Police Department stood guarding the entrance to the city hall where the protest took place. Many stray snowballs thrown by protesters at the white supremacist group ended up on the cops behind them. Photo credit: Rachel Kraft for MPR News


The white supremacist group rushes inside as the anti-racism protesters push them up against the police. After the police led them to safety inside, many protesters took to targeting the Duluth Police Department with chants calling them supporters of racism. Photo credit: Rachel Kraft for MPR News