White pride rally flops in Duluth

Duluth News Tribune: “About eight members of a white supremacy group arrived at the Duluth Civic Center shortly after 10 a.m. today and were immediately confronted by dozens of people who had gathered in opposition.”


Protesters against the white supremacist group showed up early to perform a ceremonial ritual with the Native Americans, using tobacco to represent their prayers and offerings. Photo credit: Rachel Kraft for MPR News


Robert Hester in a debate with anti-racist protesters. Many protesters were throwing snowballs at the white supremacist members. According to eye witnesses, two protesters were detained for the throwing of snowballs. Photo credit: Rachel Kraft for MPR News


The Duluth Police Department stood guarding the entrance to the city hall where the protest took place. Many stray snowballs thrown by protesters at the white supremacist group ended up on the cops behind them. Photo credit: Rachel Kraft for MPR News


The white supremacist group rushes inside as the anti-racism protesters push them up against the police. After the police led them to safety inside, many protesters took to targeting the Duluth Police Department with chants calling them supporters of racism. Photo credit: Rachel Kraft for MPR News

  • Rev. Howard Dotson

    Even though I find the white pride messge abhorent, I want to thank the Duluth Police for protecting the freedom of speech rights of all parties who were present today.

    I suspect there were some there today whose primary agenda was to provoke a response from the police.

    The Native American ceremony and the gathering at the draw bridge reflected more lasting peace and reconciliation efforts.

  • Zach Nelson

    I am glad so many people came out to oppose this. The Duluth Police Department was just doing their jobs and I am glad this didn’t turn into a violent event that would result in backlash from both parties.

  • Bob caymen

    Can you really call this a flop when eight people draw this much attention and discussion to a topic? The actions of the counter protesters swearing, pushing, and assaulting with snowballs certainly made the opposition look foolish. The ties with liberal groups such as the occupy wall street group further made the opposition look staged and funded by liberal groups such as the very “unfair” campaign that was being protested. To many, the opposition looked more like wack jobs than the white alliance people. The trying to prevent the supremacist from speaking by yelling at them and as such denying them their rights made the idea they were there sticking up for minority rights hipocritical.

  • Stephanie

    The protestors were ridiculous. If no one had shown up, they would have left and been embarrassed. That’s how we deal with Phelps down in Kansas. Instead, they got the attention they wanted. When are you guys going to learn? They are disgusting, but they have the right to speak. Let them speak to the wind and snow.

  • Ad Hominem

    With regard to comments left by “stephanie is a retard,” I think it is time to either screen these comments, or require that people provide their full names and not hide behind their anonymity.

    Even the Supreme Court has recognized that, despite our right to free speech, some words have so little value they do not deserve protection (i.e., obscenity). I believe the aforementioned commentator’s words fall within this category.

  • Brad

    You’re absolutely right. We need to amend the Bill of Rights to read “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech…to a certain limit…

  • Dock Worker

    These guys had the freedom to speak and to rally free from fear of persecution from governmental repression. But that freedom comes with certain responsibilities (such as not yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater). That same freedom can also be put into check by public citizens through discussion, rebuttals, arguments, and in the case of inflammatory and dangerous ideologies, even shutting down rallies. Major props to everyone who helped shut this down. NSM should stay on its chatrooms and their members in their mom’s basements.

  • Bob caymen

    It’s funny how when these folks are talking about not accepting a collective guilt, based solely on your color of white, you wish to deny them their basic rights of free speech. You are not only reverse racist, but hypocrites. Discriminating against any color, even your own is still discrimination dummy! This is the product of years of media and public schools white guilt brainwashing. Where reverse discrimination is not only accepted, but forbidden to discuss! Wake up!!

  • Chris

    I don’t understand what the big deal is? So some white people want to have a rally, they get protested against? From what I understand they were rallying for their race, not against any other race. I don’t see anything different from having a gay pride or any other racial parade/rally/gathering.

  • Bob caymen

    You are absolutely right Chris. You have seen through all the politics that the “opposition” put forward to muddy, distract, divert from the true message. They want you to see “white supremacy”, when what was being discussed was equality for all including whites. This is a copy of Hester’s speech he has published on other sites;


    I would first and foremost like to thank all of you who have come out on this cold Wisconsin day. My name if Robert Hester and I am a member of the Supreme White Alliance. WE do not call ourselves Supreme as in Supremacists. WE call ourselves supreme as we feel that we are supreme in our brotherhood of love and commitment towards each other and towards the families of our brotherhood. We have a dedication towards our brotherhood that we feel is above all else. With that being said let us address the issues at hand:




    Our race, our culture and the future of our children are declining at drastic rates. Through Global media filled with the lies of multiculturalism our children are being told that they should be ashamed of who they are. That they should feel guilty for being proud white children. They are being indoctrinated by campaigns like this to wipe out the identity they have with the White race and culture. They are continually told and made to feel that they are inferior when it comes to sports, music, dance, drama, and practically all classifications dealing with daily live and now this campaign wants our children to feel that they are to be ashamed for being white! People say that we are racist because we love our race and want to protect our rights and our children from such garbage as this! We are NOT RACIST BUT THIS “UN-FAIR CAMPAIGN” IS!!! This campaign is aimed to make me, you, and all of our children feel as if they should be a lesser citizen of this great nation simply because they are white! This “UN-FAIR CAMPAIGN” may be one of the most anti-white campaigns to ever come against the white race and culture. These people want to tell us that Whites are Privileged.  That we treat people of other colors as inferior yet here they are telling us that we should feel inferior because of the color of our skin. They say we cant see racism because we are white. Tell that to the child who is so afraid to go to school because he gets beat and bullied by the black children in his school simply because he is white. Tell that to thousands of white people who were robbed, raped, beaten and murdered this year by mobs of black gangs simply because they were white. Tell that to the 35,000 white people who were murdered this year in South Africa by blacks who have murdered them and their families simply because they were white! Am I racist? Is SWA racist? Are those of you who stand here in support against this “un-fair campaign” racist no! But we are a people who will no longer stand by as we continue to see our rights and culture being destroyed or degraded simply because we are white! We are tired of seeing our children made to feel inferior because they are white. Are we racist? No but we are a people who love our race! We have a Supreme Court Justice (Sotamayor) who is a part of a Hispanic group called La Raza i.e THE RACE. If you or I were in a group called “the race” we would be called racist! We have a black President whose wife publicly stated that she will use every bit of her power as first lady to “better her race”! If a White president or first lady said that there would cries of “RACISM” ALL OVER THE WORLD!!! Why are we to be made to feel that we are so “PRIVILAGED”? ARE OUR CHILDREN ALLOWED TO HAVE LOWER S.A.T. AND A.C.T SCORES AND STILL GET INTO THE SAME COLLEGES AS THOSE WHO HAVE SPENT YEARS AND YEARS STUDYING AND PREPAREING TO GET INTO A GOOD SCHOOL? DO WE HAVE ALL BLACK COLLEGES? DO WE HAVE SPECIAL GOVERNMENT GRANTS TO SEND OUR CHILDREN TO COLLEGE BASED ON THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN? DO WE HAVE SPECIAL MAGIZINES LIKE ESSENCE, VIBE, EBONY OR TV STATIONS LIKE B.E.T.  JUST FOR OUR RACE AND CULTURE? DO WE HAVE COLLEGES JUST FOR WHITE PEOPLE? HELL NO WE DON’T BECAUSE IF A WHITE PERSON STOOD UP FOR THE PROTECTION AND PRESERVATION OF THEIR RACE AND CULTURE THEY WOULD BE CALLED A RACIST!!!!! WE ARE WHITE! WE ARE PROUD! WE WILL NOT STAND BY SILENTLY WHILE THESE PEOPLE TRY TO MAKE US FEEL AS A LESSER HUMAN BEING BECAUSE OF THE COLOR OF OUR SKIN!!!





    Is it being the only racial group that isn’t legally protected if those of another race attack, rob, rape and murder us because we are white?


    Is it being the opposite of a “minority,” despite that the white race makes up less than 10% of the world’s population?


    Is it being the only group ever accused of racism by authoritarian liberals?



    Is it the White man always having to say he’s sorry because he has dedicated his time to working hard and studying in order to succeed as opposed to standing by with his hand out waiting for someone to give him something for nothing?



    Is it Whites having no right to act in their own racial interests, even as Blacks, Browns, Yellows, and Jews get to act in their racial interests?



    Is it guilt for having the same skin color as the men who created the modern world, including science, technology, art, rule of law, and human rights?



    Is it sitting silently while liberals create the conditions for genocide against Whites?


    Is it bringing White children into a world where they’re blamed for every other race’s failures and failings, and targeted for retribution?


    BEING WHITE IS NOT A CRIME…..but they are tying to make it one.

    Stand up for your rights. Stand up for your culture. Stand up for the future of your children. Stand up and be heard! Let’s put a stop to people like these trying to make us feel guilty for being white!”

  • Anton

    I agree with Robert Hester’s speech. Thanks to the SWA for mounting this brave protest, and thanks to Bob Cayman for posting the body of the speech.

    Those billboards are disgusting, wrong , and inexcusable, and the people of Duluth should see to it that they come down. Organizations involved in this UNFAIR racist campaign should be boycotted.

  • Rev. Howard Dotson

    Espousing ignorance, hate and intolerance is not a sign of courage, it is folly.

    We all have a constitutional right to free speech; But words have consequences.

    The seeds of posion planted in our childrens’ hearts and minds will haunt us.

    If you truly care about your tribe, you will take the long view and examine what you are teaching.

  • Bob caymen

    Demanding racial equality for all races INCLUDING the white race is neither ignorant, hateful, or intolerant. Only those who wish to portray it as such depict those qualities.

  • Bob caymen

    Google Rev Howard Dotson for a little background and belief explanation.

  • Rev. Howard Dotson

    Congrats Bob on your google skills.

    Instead of shouting matches and snowballs,

    anytime you want to actually debate the merits of

    our perspectives, let me know.

    Bring your Bible.

  • Bob caymen

    You want to debate whether one group has the right to be equally treated? I would like you to show me in scripture reverend, even in your liberal understanding, how one race should not be treated equally and allowed to be as proud of their color as any other. I have a feeling if I brought my translation of the Bible, it would be far different than your “modern” translation.

  • Ben Painter

    In response to those that think racism should be ignored.

    1. I was there at the anti-racism rally

    2. We actually help deflect a few (3-4) potential recruits. We engaged them instead with constructive discussion. If nothing else this was worth being there.

    3. Racism is a form of abuse and must be stood up against, right to its ugly face. Ignoring it allows it to fester and grow. Ignoring is often the easy and safe way to act when abuse is seen but it is not the right way to act.

    4. I personally did not throw snowballs but I understand the frustration of those that did when they were faced with such abusive language.

  • Bob caymen

    I too was at the rally, observing. There was no

    Rational discussion. The white rights people were surrounded and shouted and screamed at so that thier voices were in audible. The only voices heard were the ones screaming at the white rights protesters. Any one can view the videos on you tube and watch the “constructive discussion”. The only one that was abusive at the rally was the counter protectors, which the YouTube videos clearly shows. The only racists present seemed to be the counter protesters who were willing to deny those whites thier right to free speech, to peacefully assemble. Racism is not acceptable against any race. To have a group that thinks denying a persons rights, to Intimidate or harass, based on that persons color and ideology, is racism and is wrong. The reviews on the videos, comments on the local blog sites, and reports to the media from Hester that he has recieved hundreds of emails in support, leads me to believe the outrage over the behavior of the counter protesters, has only cemented more opposition to the reverse descrimination that is the “Unfair Campaign”.

  • Rev. Howard Dotson

    So Bob you will not take me up on the offer to debate?

  • Bob caymen

    Only a fool argues with a fool, and anyone who feels that whites shouldn’t have the same rights as others, and who sees those that do as “hateful” and ” intolerant” is a fool.

  • Rev. Howard Dotson

    Bok, bok, bokaahh.

    Is the chicken the Aryan state bird.