‘Minnesota ice’: starting over in Minnesota

  • Javier Cabrera

    I’m a medical student here at the university of minnesota. Prior to that, I immigrated from Cuba and attended high school here. In between, I went to New York City and Washington, DC.

    Here is my take: I thought that making friends in high school was hard, but upon leaving this state I made friends anywhere I turned. Coming back, I was surprised to find the exact same attitude. My girlfriend and I have been here for 2 years and we have not made any substantial friendships. Most people are very nice, yes, but not open.

  • Valerie Moore

    I came to Minnesota from Chicago in 1992. I have never experienced the kindness in Chicago that I experienced here. On the other hand, my only friends were those that came here from other states. Now they’ve all moved back to their home states or to other states for new career opportunities. I now find myself alone quite a bit. My kids are teenagers and have lives and school. I go to work and come home. No one seems to want to connect here. I have no family here and I have never felt so alone and lonely in my life.

  • Julie Seiber

    Minnesota nice–Nice. Born and raised in the deep south, lived in Richmond, Virginia as an adult. Minnesotans are much more genuinely friendly and accepting than Alabama, Georgia and Virginia. I love living in the Twin Cities!

  • Rebekah S

    I totally agree with everything this story depicts. I’m a “native,” but moving back here by far was the toughest transition I’ve ever made. A total culture shock inasmuch as it took *7* years to really form a group of friends and a broad social network. Minnesotans are *way* to cliquey.