Minnesota happenings this weekend

— Lis Pedersen, contributor, Minnesota Today

Lanesboro — The Metal Children

This weekend the Commonweal Theater Company in Lanesboro, Minnesota will celebrate the opening of the play The Metal Children, written by the American playwright Adam Rapp. The cast includes Gary Danciu, Brandon Grayson, Carla Joseph, and Rachel Kuhnle, who are all a part of the 2012 Apprentice Company. The Metal Children presents a powerful story about the influence of literature, art, creation, and expression.

The protagonist of the play is a young writer who travels from New York to a small town where his book was banned by the local school board. As he attempts to stand up for his work, he finds the town in chaos due to the influence that the book had on the youth in the town. It explores what is required for a piece of work to truly be considered as art in terms of moral and aesthetic sensibility, and the way that literature can be viewed as a vehicle for character. The play also provides the opportunity to discover the importance of literature and education, and the implications that it can have within one community.

Duluth — Dar Williams

Singer, songwriter Dar Williams will be playing this Saturday, March 24th at Sacred Heart.

Williams is a pop folk musician, and has toured with many renowned artists such as Patty Griffin, and Ani DiFranco. She attains her musical inspiration from personal experience, and her music reflects a quality that is easy to relate to due to the lyrical focus on human experiences that we all go through. William’s last album, Promised Land, was released in 2009, and she will be releasing her latest album In The Time of Gods on April 17. She will be providing a special taste of some songs that will be featured on this album on Saturday at Sacred Heart. Sara Thomsen, a local singer/ songwriter/choir director will be opening the show.

Complete event listings of events from around the state are available on our online calandar.

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