Tribes oppose wolf hunt; Federal cuts reach home; When mom goes viral

Some Ojibwe tribal members object to wolf hunting, trapping

MPR News: “Some Ojibwe in Minnesota are worried about the fate of the state’s wolf population.State lawmakers are considering a hunting and trapping season for wolves, which were removed from the federal endangered species list last year.”

Before wolves may be hunted, science, faith and politics clash in Wisconsin

New York Times: “The Great Lakes Indian Fish and Game Commission, which represents 11 tribes of the Ojibwe (also known as the Chippewa, or Anishinaabe) in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan, opposes the hunt on the basis of religious principle and tradition.”

NYT: Scientist John Vucetich studies wolves on Isle Royale

A collection of blog posts and observations from a season of scientific study on Isle Royale.

Minneapolis copes with a smaller slice of federal funding

Star Tribune: “Minneapolis feels effects of federal cutbacks to money for programs that serve a wide range of people.”

Right to Work debate riles Minnesota Capitol

St Cloud Times: “Minnesota Republican senators got a taste Monday of the fight over labor rights that gripped other Midwestern statehouses in the last year, with a committee narrowly passing legislation to curb union power even as hundreds of demonstrators chanted and yelled just feet away.”

Minnesota Today: Right to Work debate

Minnesota’s Game and Fish Fund faces shortfall

Bemidji Pioneer: “Minnesota’s Game and Fish Fund is projected to be in the red as early as July 2013.”

Cravaack: PolyMet review to be released in Oct.

MPR News: “8th District GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack says the controversial PolyMet precious metals mining project in northeast Minnesota is on track to have a draft environmental review released to the public this October.”

‘Sled Dogs to St. Paul’ musher Frank Moe talks about journey

WTIP: “After spending a week on the trail and travelling more than 350 miles, Moe arrived at the state capitol on Monday, March 8th. Moe is back home in Cook County now, and he stopped by the WTIP studios on Monday, March 12th to talk about the experience and why he did it.”

Minnesota ranks highly on happiness

Gillaspy Demographics: “Gallup and Healthways have released the 2011 Gallup-Healthways Well Being Index for states, metropolitan areas and congressional districts, and once again Minnesota ranks near the top.”

U of Minn. professors clash with stem-cell company

Star Tribune: “Two University of Minnesota ethicists have set off a firestorm by raising questions about a controversial Texas stem-cell company.”

Swedish institute to collaborate with ICC on biomass research program

Grand Rapids Herald-Review: “Biomass could be the saving grace for northern Minnesota’s timber industry and Itasca Community College is poised to adapt to this new demand – now with help from Swedish researchers facing a similar shift in focus.”

Finding Minnesota: Marine Art Museum

WCCO: “Water is a crucial part of Minnesota’s culture. With all the lakes and rivers, our state claims more shoreline than Florida, California and Hawaii combined. So it’s fitting that priceless paintings of water from some of the world’s greatest artists are on display in the river town of Winona. Names like Van Gogh, Renoir and Matisse can be found at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum. In fact, the collection includes what may well be Vincent Van Gogh’s first oil painting.”

Op-Ed: When mom goes viral: Marilyn Hagerty, 85, is talk of social media

Wall Street Journal: “Some people pursue celebrity. Others stumble into it as they are rushing off to bridge club.”