“Bully” police chief, no mail for dangerous trailer park, solar storm

Hockey officials, parents place greater emphasis on reducing injuries, concussions

MPR News: “As Minnesota’s top high school hockey teams take the ice at the Xcel Energy Center during the State Boys’ Hockey Tournament this week, there is greater emphasis to reduce the kind of play that can lead to concussions and other serious injuries.”

Virginia, Minn.: The police chief who can’t be canned?

Star Tribune: “Employees and bosses in Virginia, Minn., insist Police Chief Dana Waldron is a bully, but attempts to fire him have failed for more than a year.”

Postal Service stops delivery to local trailer park, citing danger

Post Bulletin: “Effective Wednesday, the U.S. Postal Service suspended mail delivery to a southeast Rochester trailer park, citing danger to carriers from loose dogs, and other problems.”

Op-Ed: A misguided Minnesota anti-sharia bill

Star Tribune: “State Sen. Dave Thompson, a Lakeville Republican, introduced a bill this week only to withdraw it a few hours later. In between, area Muslim leaders called a press conference in which they, along with key Christian and Jewish leaders, denounced the bill for what it was: veiled anti-Muslim bigotry.”

Massive solar storm speeds toward Earth

AP: “The largest solar storm in five years was due to arrive on Earth early Thursday, promising to shake the globe’s magnetic field while expanding the Northern Lights.”

Bradford Cox stands by his hour long rendition of “My Sharona” at the Cedar Cultural Center

AV Club: “After Pitchfork reported on local recaps of the show, which described the experience as bizarre and sort of uncomfortable, the Deerhunter frontman called the publication up to explain a few things.”

Determination – and a Minnesota twist – bring violinist Midori to town

Orlando Sentinel: “World-renowned violinist Midori was almost the concert that got away — until the Orlando Philharmonic, aided by a mystery donor, a local charitable foundation and a fortuitous Minnesota connection, stepped in.”

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