Restricting abortions, ending hockey fights, preparing for ice-out

Minnesota anglers begin removing ice houses

WDAY: “Anglers in Lakes Country today are heeding the forecast of nasty weather on the way. Minnesota requires ice houses be removed within the week, and with both snow and wind on the way, waiting may be an unwelcome way to end the season.”

With oversupply and slowing demand, ethanol industry lurches in wake of lost subsidy

MPR News: “After predicting they would survive the end of a major federal subsidy without problems, it looks like officials at the nation’s ethanol producers may have been too optimistic.”

Two bills increase abortion regulation

Pioneer Press: “It takes aim at a videoconferencing program instituted last year by the local branch of Planned Parenthood that’s intended to give patients in rural parts of southern Minnesota easier access to medication abortions.”

St. Croix bridge bill likely to get House vote this week

Capitol View: “Long-delayed legislation to authorize a new, highway-style bridge to take the place of an aging river crossing in Stillwater could receive a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives as soon as Wednesday.”

Plan closes tax loopholes, gives schools $2B

Pioneer Press: “Two DFL state lawmakers on Monday announced a plan to close corporate tax loopholes to pay back the $2.2 billion Minnesota owes schools.”

Lawmakers weigh compromises on voter ID bill

MPR News: “A bipartisan bill to protect the integrity of Minnesota’s elections would create a new voter verification system without requiring photo identification cards or changing the state constitution. Republican lawmakers are weighing the compromise to address criticism of the proposed constitutional amendment that would allow voters to decide if Minnesotans should show a photo ID at the polls. Legislators also are uncertain about the makeup of the next Legislature, which would have to fill in the details should voters approve the amendment.”

What info is on my license’s magnetic strip?

WCCO: “‘Everything that’s on the front, except the picture, is on the magnetic strip,’ said Bruce Gordon, director of communications for the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.”

Junior hockey on cusp of a revolution: trying to stop fighting

New York Times: “The increased recognition of the long-term dangers of brain trauma, across all sports, has forced hockey’s leaders to consider ways to reduce blows to the head.”

U.S. Supreme Court won’t get involved in Asian carp fight

Chicago Tribune: “The U.S. Supreme Court announced today it would not take up Michigan’s case against the Army Corps of Engineers to try to stop Asian carp from entering the Great Lakes.”

‘Unity Rally’ to be held in Duluth

WDIO: Area groups and individuals “have signed a letter, pledging to stay away from the ‘Supreme White Alliance’ rally on Saturday. They said the discriminatory groups thrive on publicity and conflict. To keep that to a minimum, they’re asking other community members to stay away.”

Moorhead schools to get assistant principals

Forum of Fargo Moorhead: “The new positions, expected to cost $300,000 to $325,000 altogether, will help Moorhead schools meet two mandates from the 2011 Legislature.”

GOP US House members in Super Tuesday states withholding endorsements

Smart Politics: “Republican U.S. Representatives from Super Tuesday states have endorsed presidential candidates at half the rate (27 percent) of pre-Super Tuesday states (53 percent).”

Unions unhappy with proposed changes to City of Duluth hiring process

Northland News: “Unions working with the City have come out in opposition to the proposed changes saying they go above and beyond streamlining the hiring process and, in turn, weaken the system and cut down transparency.”

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