Hot times in old Duluth this weekend

By Elisabeth Pedersen

This weekend is an exceptionally lively time for the Duluth art scene which includes a musical opening, a CD release show, a diorama, and then some.


The much-anticipated opening of the Tony Award winning musical Spring Awakening opened on Thursday. The New York Times has called this musical “A groundbreaking jolt of genius.” The Renegade Theater Company is holding it at Teatro Zuccone in Duluth. The concept of this musical developed from a controversial play written in the 1891 by Frank Wedekind, which portrays confusion and misunderstandings of adolescence. This play has recently been adapted into a rock n’ roll musical that delves into the lives of teenagers who live in Germany during the late 19th century. It transports the audience to a time of tension and frustration that is not so distinct from our own era by exploring the ideas of desire, loss of innocence and idealism, and how to grow with strength in a world filled with harsh realities. The struggles with sexuality and morality that the adults and teenagers face in Spring Awakening brings perspective to the way we view ourselves, and the values within our own society.

Art Hounds also included Spring Awakening in their weekly arts review.


The annual Diorama-Rama always marks a motivating time of the year by inspiring anyone with a creative knack to try their hand in creating their very own diorama. This year it takes place tonight at Sacred Heart Music Center. It is an event that is stimulated solely on community support and efforts. Anyone can take place in it simply by making a diorama that includes anything their heart desires, and then bringing it to Sacred Heart Music Center. Whether your expertise is in lighting, carving, painting, or even coloring–the Diorama-Rama has a place for you. Entertainment will include musical guests The Black-Eyed Snakes, Cockfight, DJ 45, and Dan Anderson. Also, Bridget Riversmith, a local Duluth artist, will be displaying animations for the audiences viewing pleasure.

If you are unable to join the fun on Friday at sacred Heart Music Center, Keri Noble will be performing there Saturday.

Her music is brilliant, wonderfully touching, and would be the perfect way to spend time with friends.

Also Saturday: Martin Zellar’s CD release show that will be taking place at Pizza Luce with special guest Charlie Parr. The show will begin at 10:00p.m. It will be a lively performance that will please all who enjoy folk acoustic jams.